The Death of Tupac Shakur

Tupac Amaru Shakur.
Born: June 16th 1971.
Died: September 13th 1996.

This page contains:

  • The statement of death from UMC
  • The report of probable cause from Compton Police
  • The Autopsy photo
  • The letter from Mutulu Shakur
  • The Coroner's Report

The sample playing in the background is a portion of the statement of death from University Medical Center.
To hear the entire statement unedited, click below.

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Although I don't believe he is alive, I do have a page that lists all the reasons why people belive he may be alive:

Rumors - alive?

Notes on the:

This document, it must be emphasized, is based largely on the words of Compton police informants. It does not legally prove who killed Tupac, nor does it legally prove that his death was a gang murder. Proof is the job of the courts. However, the Compton police document does contain a startling account of the events that led up to Shakur's murder and a shot-by-shot account of the five day blood bath his killing seems to have set off in Compton. A gang-war that apparently left three men dead and ten wounded. It also deals with a host of questions as to the identity of the man who allegedly shot Tupac Shakur.



Taken from 1998, HenDogg Entertainment.

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This message is being recorded at approximately 5:15, on Friday, September 13th . . . Tupac Shakur passed away today at the University Medical Center at approximately 4:03 pm . . . Physicians have listed the cause of death as respiratory failure and cardio-pulmonary arrest . . . Mr. Shakur's body has been removed from the hospital, and funeral arrangements are pending.

These were the words of the Marketing and Public Relations Director for University Medical Center on the afternoon that Tupac died as a result of gunshot wounds that he sustained a week earlier, when he was shot in Las Vegas.

The reason I have put this page up is to try to let Tupac rest in peace, to let the rumors of him still being alive and hiding out or whateva rest in peace. People still mail me and say that he's alive, you've got to let that go. It has been over two years since his death, he is not coming back. All we can do now is keep his memory alive and let him rest in peace.

The first person to publicly say that he thought Tupac is alive was     Chuck D. Although I have a lot of respect for Chuck D and PUBLIC ENEMY, I think what he did was rash and inconsiderate. Chuck D's 18 reason why Tupac is alive can be found here Rumors - alive?

On the night of Tupac's death, Tupac's father, Mutulu Shakur wrote this letter from his cell in the federal penn in Florence, Colo. THE LETTER


Six months after the murder of rapper Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas, a case in which no arrests have yet been made, this 29-page document prepared by police in Compton, California, reveals that only a few days after Shakur's shooting - last September 7th, Compton police had already learned the name of the man some local gang members believed to be responsible for the crime.

To view the report click here


This is a scanned image of the Coroner's report

Perhaps the most convinving and controversial piece of evidence about Tupac's Death is the photo of Tupac Shakur at his own autopsy. If you have not seen this photo then I recommend that you don't look at it, it is very graphic. The picture can be found here:

Friends, peers and adversaries remeber Tupac

Gerard (High School Friend)

First time I ever saw Tupac, he was in eighth grade. I seen this kid that had this shirt with the old school iron-on letters, MC NEW YORK. And he was rhyming. All these people was around him -- even back then. We was adversaries at first, but we formed a crew. Born Busy and shit, MC New York, DJ Plain Terror, Ace Rocker, and my man D on the beat box. Taking mad peoples out--the invincibles. Then we started writing little rhymes for Jada (Pinkett). Jada was rhyming a little bit too. Dont Sleep.

Shock G/Money-B (Digital Underground)

If you want to mourn, do it for your own personal loss. Dont mourn for 'Pac, remember him for his art and dont be sad for his death. 'Pac lived a short, fast, concentrated, an intense life. He lived a 70 year life in 25 years. He went out the way he wanted: in the glitter of the fast life, hit record on the charts, new movie in the can, and money in the pocket. All 'Pac wanted was to hear himself on the radio and see himself on the movie screen. He did all that --- and more.

Janet Jackson (Poetic Justice)

I feel very fortunate to have seen another side of Tupac, someone who was very caring and loving, a contrast to his public image. He will be missed by many.

Omar Epps (Juice)

'Pac was just the truth. He always brought it from the heart. Sometimes the truth hurts or the truth can set you free. In his case, it did both. Some said he was the rappin' Nostradamus, like he could prophesy. But he was just saying that ill shit that niggas be thinking and no one wanted to say. The thing was, he lived his life in a way that the lyrics had to come true. He just went all out. Everyday was his first and last.


'Pac was hated by a few but loved by many, and those who hated him didnt even know him, I truly believe that there will never be another rapper who can uplift spirits and explain the ups an downs of everyday life through rap music like 'Pac

Sean "Puffy" Combs

The tragic death of Tupac Shakur is a tremendous loss to his family, his friends, his millions of fans, and the entire music industry. On behalf of the Bad Boy Entertainment Family. I want to offer my deepest Condolences.

Snoop Doggy Dogg.

I fee we need to come up with some soft of Tupac Black on Black Crime fund. And some sort of ceasefire. If it was an East Coast/West Coast or not, we need to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Sometimes the lure of violent culture is so magnetic that even when one overcomes it with material success, it continues to call. Tupac just couldnt break the cycle.

Havoc (Mobb Deep)

I loved him before the confrontation; I loved him, and I loved his music. We was planning to see him be we didn't even get the chance. It's sad, man. I think the streets killed him. It wasn't no East Coast/West Coast thing, it was the streets. I think it was his mouth that killed him.

Prodigy (Mobb Deep)

Between my crew and people over there on the West Coast, it's sad to see where it's going. I don't know how this started, but we need to get together. Once everybody can calm down, relax and put our troubles behind us, we can strive for a better tomorrow.

Treach (Naughty by Nature)

My man 'Pac, he didn't have a criminal record until he made a record. Once you get into the light, a lot of stuff comes on to you. One thing I can say, he was one of the realest niggas that lived. He said whatever was on his mind; he never bit his tongue for nuthin'

Minister Conrad Muhammad

To lose a young man like Tupac Shakur will brilliance and talent, at 25 years old, is indicative of what black males in this society are facing. We are not living long enough to realize our full potential. Malcolm X, in his young years, was a gangbanger, a drug dealer. Tupac would have evolved naturally, but black men are dying before they get the chance.

John Singleton

When i saw Juice, Tupac's performance jumped out at me like a tigar. Here was an actor who could portray the ultimate crazy nigga. A brother who could embody the freedom that an "I dont give a fuck" mentality gives a black man. I thought this was some serious acting. Maybe I was wrong. During the filming of Poetic Justice, 'Pac both rebelled and accepted my attitude towards him as a director/advisor. This was our dance in life and work. We'd argue, then make up. Tupac spoke from a position that cannot be totally appreciated unless you understood the pathos of being a nigga, a displaced African soul, full of power, pain, and passion, with no focus or direction for all that energy except his art.

Chuck D

To me he's like the James Dean of our times. Basically, a rebel without a cause. And the industry and the media are partially responsible for whatever goes down: in accenting the negative aspects of a black celebrity. It's the soup-up, gas-up treatment. They soup him up, they're not there on the downside. People thing that this man's life was entertainment. One of our best talents is gone over some bullshit. I'm fuckin' pissed. I ain't putting up tears. Tears ain't gonna do a damn thing. Interscope will go on to sell 10 million copies of this album. Make a scholarship fund out of their share of the money. That's what I call making things happen.

Marlon Wayans

Me and 'Pac, we laughed a lot during Above the Rim. It's not like being with this ill gangsta that everyone portrayed his as. We used to go in the trailer and just crack jokes. We used to tease him and say he should cross out the T on his chest and change his image to HUG LIFE


I know for a fact that it's not an East Coast/West Coast thang. What happened was, you know, it was a street thang. Sometimes when you put yourself in a situation, you get caught up in another situation. Tupac had a knack for doing that.