Legalize Drugs, Stop Prison Overcrowding, Take the Crime Out of Drugs, Make People Stop Killing, Whoring, Robbing, and wasting their Life to get Marijuana, Cocaine and Other Drugs

The war on drugs is not working. The police are overwhelmed with the drug problem. There is no room in the prisons to keep the people who are committing murder, robbing banks, holding up motorists, doing prostitution, and burglarizing homes to buy the artificially inflated drugs. Much less, room to house prisoners who were arrested for possession and or distribution of drugs.

Most of the so called drive by shootings are really drug deals gone bad. The perp did not like the drug deal, so he kills the driver and steals the vehicle. People on drugs give it all up to get high. If they cant find a decent job to maintain their habit, they just steal from houses, passers on the street, banks, cars, whatever to support the habit. If you stand in the way of the booty, they kill you.

The women have it a little easier. They just find a street corner and wait. There are plenty of Johns that will pick em up for $20 bucks to get a quick blow job, no strings attached. Well the John may end up with a lifted wallet or a case of aids, but that is the life on the streets.

Don't think that you are beyond the danger of the drug war. You may be in line with the bank teller when some drug crazed maniac comes in with a ski mask and an AK47 and blasts you to kingdom come. Your husband may be the one in the car with the prostitute.

Or your children, God forbid, may get a free hit from the dude standing on the corner so they will have a customer for life or death.

I have a quick and easy solution. Make it legal. Let them be controlled just like prescription drugs. Take a bite out of crime.    Take the crime out of drugs. Collect the tax money. Use that tax to educate kids realistically about drugs. You can't expect the kids to have any respect for law and order. Look at what the media has taught us about respect for law and order. Think for a second about O.J. Simpson on our television day and night for months. Look at the open humiliation of the President of the United States. Look at you and your tax return. How about that insurance claim? What about that stop sign or that speed limit? Did you know if you stop for a red light just after it turns red, someone will run over your ass. Only go on green after the third car runs the light crossing in front of you.

The police want vote to legalize drugs, they like playing cops and robbers. The robbers want vote for it, they also like playing cops and robbers. The police also benefit from the vehicles and money confiscated from drug dealers. I have seen some Louisiana State Troopers driving around in marked Corvettes. When was the last time you saw a cop driving the speed limit? Heck my brother works for the District Attorney as an investigator. He drives a BMW.

The lawyers want vote for legalizing drugs. Are you kidding? How else are they going to pay for law school? The politicians are against legalization. Heck most of them are lawyers or lawyers wan-a-bes.

Well we have tried it their way for 25 years, and it ain't working. Just today the judge in Baton Rouge let two drug dealers go free because their ain't no room at the inn. The prisons are full. They are thinking of limiting the hours of operations for bank auto tellers, because so many people are being robbed at gunpoint at the windows. There have been a rash of bank robberies nation wide. Just a few months ago two young female bank tellers were killed near Baton Rouge in a robbery.

Gun control want work either. The going rate for a stolen gun in Baton Rouge is $20 wholesale and $50 retail.

Click here for my webpage on gun control.

You arrest a dude for dealing drugs, the next day he is back on the streets with the goods in his hands. My brother had a good idea when he was a cop here in Baton Rouge. He just stationed a marked police car in front of the perps house for a week or two. Drove the dealer out of business. Sometimes he would have the judge make the dealer pick up trash on the corner of the street where he was arrested for a month.

Well we have to do something. Vote for politicians and write your representatives to legalize drugs. Let them know that you think it is a good idea. Sooner or later the politicians do get around to doing what the voters want. Ohhhhhhh when was the last time you voted. Don't build new prisons. Take a bite out of crime. Take the crime out of drugs.

One last comment. I do not take drugs. I did some marijuana in College and in the Air Force, but I, like Bill Clinton, did not inhale. I hope my kids have more sense than to try them.

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