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How to install:

1. Unzip the files into a separate subdirectory under the WINAMP/SKINS/ subdirectory. I M P O R T A N T N O T E ! ! Each skin must be unzipped to a SEPARATE SUBDIRECTORY within the WINAMP/SKINS/ directory!!! Some skins automatically create their own directory, & with others you'll have to create the directory yourself. If you're using WinZip, look under the "path" column. As long as it's not blank, just unzip the files to the SKINS/ directory.

2. Load WinAMP v1.80, or higher, select OPTIONS from the main menu, & then click on SELECT SKIN... That's it!

To find out how to make your own skins go   here 

* Click the Image to Download


lemonzquize.jpg (6279 bytes) LemonAmp
lun.JPG (18673 bytes) LunaticAmp
alientek.jpg (7444 bytes) AlienTekAmp
grape.JPG (21667 bytes) GrapeAmp
askin.JPG (18459 bytes) Alien Skin
seifen.JPG (17281 bytes) SeifenAmp
alien.JPG (17614 bytes) AlienAmp
toxic.JPG (23063 bytes) ToxicAmp
swankamp2-tiny.gif (4936 bytes) SwankAmp2
spyamp007.jpg (6471 bytes) SpyAmp
sony.JPG (17009 bytes) SonyAmpman
luna.jpg (5782 bytes) Lunatic BlueAmp
spaceamp.jpg (6396 bytes) SpaceAmp
Fire.jpg (6157 bytes) FireAmp
pan3.jpg (6693 bytes) New PanasonicAmp
steelwav-tiny.gif (8763 bytes) SteelAmp
nokiamp.gif (6311 bytes) NokiAMP
witampjukebox.jpg (6716 bytes) WitAMP Jukebox
sonicated-tiny.gif (5800 bytes) SonicatedAmp