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Four reasons you can't find your mp3

  1. Legal issues. Record companies, authorities and ISPs keep bugging site-ops to take down their files or face a lawsuit. This in turn leads to reason number 2:
  2. Files are moved, deleted and renamed because of problem 1 and because ISPs don't always allow popular sites. Some raise the price as you get more hits or your site uses up too much bandwidth. This leads to problem 3:
  3. Dead links. Don't be surprised if the links you find are dead and broken. (Comment: Are problems 2 and 3 the same..?)
  4. Busy servers. The most frequent and annoying problem of all, overcrowded servers strike just as you've found that special song. All servers have some kind of user limit, and you get a message like "No more anonymous connections allowed" or "Sorry, maximum user limit reached, please try again later."

Plus, "As you might have already figured out, the MP3 community is not especally nice to newbies. This is mainly because of their presistant questions regarding how to get things, but it also stems from a god complex in which the people who know how to get the MP3s do not want other people to be able to access them in fear of further overcrowding FTP sites."

The following search engines work VERY well and if you can't find an mp3 with any of these, then it doesn't exist the best search engine around, and my favorite

MP3 box search have to get all the files by ftp BUT it is very effective

Mediafind used to be choas mp3 search engine-pretty good

allmp3 very easy to use and updated often searches about 26 different search engines, good for rare mp3s