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ParallaX The Ultimate death metal band (I designed this site)

U ~CAR's Gallery pictures of modified cars and stuff

Acceleration Times the accerleration times of every car made....amazing | Trivia, QuotesTest your knowledge of useless stuff

The deftones page with everything you need mp3s, lyrics, pics, bios and everything else

HOW TO PICK A LOCK if you need or want to know how to pick a lock, go here

Summay Central has summaries of novels you should have read, but if not this will fill you in (helps with essays)

Psychotic lemonadeThe unoffical Korn and Soak page

Coltons HomeThis is a page a wacky guy named colton at my school-has games he made and "running" stuff.

YOSHI's Page(now in English and Japanease) A great page by a foreign exchange student named Yoshi (he loves shockwave).

Want to make your Windows 95 internet connection faster for free, right now? Then Click Here

Bill Gates hating page

My favorite band's homepage: