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INTRO:Hotline is quite easy to use if you have some expierence in getting Warez or MP3s. It is a designed to be a faster, easer to use protocol similar to FTP. Hotline is a valuable tool for finding mp3s/warez but none of the steps below will make any sense until you have to program in your posession

1. Download and install the program from The version is shareware but the only limitation is that you get annoying pop-ups that bug you to register the program.

2. Find a tracker, this is a site dedicated to letting you know which servers are online. A good place to find a tracker is, on the frontpage there is a list of trackers. The first time you use the program you need to go to the "Options" menu, available by clicking on the top bar of the main button bar. In the Options menu you must provide a nick-name and a tracker. The nick-name can be anything you want, but most sites do not like unnamed, "guest" or "evaluser".

3. Click on the "tracker" button on the button menu. This automaticaly opens the tracker window. Once all of the tracked sites have been loaded, you can search the summaries by typing in your search phrase. Once you have found a site that looks interesting, simply double click on it and you will be connected. Some sites have an agreement pop-up and a bot pop-up simply agree to the aggreement and click ok to the bot. Now click on the "files" button on the button menu, and look to see if the server has what you want. If it dosen't have what you were looking for, look at the tracker window again and find another server.

Other things to consider:
*Some sites require you to click on a banner or two. Most of the time you can find the instructions in the news folder, available by clicking on the "news" button. You should read the news of each site as you enter it so that you can learn the "house rules" if there are any.
*Hotline can also be used for chatting to people, so don't be afraid to respond to people if they message you.
*The admin's have total control, so don't make them mad.
*In the "options" menu, check the box that says "Queue File Transfers." This only allows you to download one file at a time, but almost all Admin's will kick or even ban you if you do not Queue.
*Be patient, there are a lot of servers and not all of them will have what you want but if you look in enough of them and ask around you will probally be able to get what you want.

Any Questions?(Please refer to the walkthrough on before emailing me)

Young adults should not search for mp3s or gamez on hotline due to the abundance of porn it is your decision what you should download. Keep in mind the applicable laws