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~* The Lost Senshi *~

Welcome to the section of the "Unknown" or "Lost" senshi. The senshi mentioned here have had brief parts in the Sailormoon series. Most of them were only seen once. Here, I hope to bring them to your attention. I know that most of you will leave informed of some senshi you may have missed. Since there is very little information about these Senshi, I'll put them all on one page for your viewing pleasure.

Sailor Demios and Sailor Phobos

Sailor Demios (in blue) and Sailor Phobos (in red) come from the planet Coronis, as did Sailor Lead Crow. These two senshi only appear in the manga, but if you think you've heard their names somewhere before, perhaps it is because they are one in the same as Rei's crows. In other words, Sailor Phobos and Sailor Demios are Rei's crows. Origially the crows were named Shinjuku and Rippongi by Rei's grandpa, but when Rei came to the temple she renamed them. She felt the names just "fit".
Sailor Phobos and Sailor Demios made their first appearance in Sailormoon SuperS in a plot line with the Dead Moon Circus.

The Asteriod Senshi

The Asteriod Senshi should look familliar to you.. this is because they are actually the Amazoness Quartet. The Asteriod Senshi were in a deep sleep, waiting for the time to come when they had to protect the young princess, Sailor Chibimoon. Unfortunately, Nephrenia had awakened these Senshi from their sleep prematurely and changed them to the Amazoness Quartet to do her bidding. In Sailormoon SuperS, however, the Amazoness Quartet were starting to regain their memories.. and because of this, Zirconia trapped them in balls. After the defeat of Nephrenia and Zirconia, Saturn asked Neo-Queen Serenity to bring them back(which she did).
These senshi had names very similar to their alter egos as the Amazoness Quartet. Ves Ves became Sailor Vesta(the one in red), Jun Jun became Sailor Junos(in green), Cere Cere became Sailor Ceres(in pink), and Palla Palla became Sailor Pallas(in blue).

Sailor Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia isn't quite a "lost" senshi, but to most her story is. Sailor Galaxia is the guardian of the galaxy, and indeed the ultimate Sailor Senshi. Sailor Galaxia was the only soldier strong enough to defeat Sailor Chaos back in the time of the Sailor Wars and in order to insure the safety of the galaxy, Sailor Galaxia took Chaos into her body. Although Galaxia was strong enough to hold back Chaos's evil notions for a while, soon her soul succumbed to Chaos's evil ways. Instead of preventing Chaos from doing harm, Galaxia was now possesed by the demon and helping her to do her evil works.

Sailor Chaos

As you hopefully have realized by reading the above passage about Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Chaos and Sailor Galaxia are two seperate beings. Sailor Chaos is the senshi of destruction, and on her own she looks a bit like Wiseman. Chaos was the last starseed to be made from the cauldron, and it was made into a sun rather than a planet. Thus, Sailor Chaos can be also considered as "Sailor Sun".
Sailor Chaos possessed Sailor Galaxia, corrupting her soul to do her dark deeds.

Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne

Sailor Lethe(in turquoise/green) and Sailor Mnemosyne(in violet/pink) are the senshi who guard the rivers surrounding Galaxia's palace. They are also called the Desert River Senshi because the area surrounding the rivers are all desert. I don't believe these two are really "evil".. I remember reading somewhere that they were forced to serve Galaxia to save their planets.
Extra note:In greek mythology, Lethe was the River of Oblivion, or forgetfulness, in the Underworld. Mnemosyne was a Titan. She was the mother of the nine muses, or if you think about it, the mother of memory itself.

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion was the last of the Animates, and she appeared after Sailormoon passed Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne. in the area where all the starseeds were created, along with the Senshi and their planets. This place was the Galaxy Cauldron. Papillion was the Soul Hunter, who hunted down the last bits of deceased souls(who were in forms of butterflies). She was the one who made sure none escaped.

The Cauldron Guardian

The Cauldron Guardian is seen in Volume 18 of the manga, when Sailormoon is inside the Cauldron. The Cauldron Guardian offers to change Sailormoon into her true form, a being of the light. Sailormoon declines because she wishes to live out her life with her friends, no matter how difficult it will be.
The Cauldron Guardian had been corrupted by Galaxia, and it is believed that all of the villains from Queen Beryl and on were caused by this corrupted sprite.
The Cauldron was the place where starseeds were created.

Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi

Sailor Chi(in red) and Sailor Phi(in green) are two of Galaxia's most trusted minions. The fact that their staffs bear the mark of the sun almost proves it (because as it mentioned before, Chaos can also be called Sailor Sun). They are also called the Starseed Gardeners and the Guarden Crystal Senshi. These two are seemingly in charge of the Sailor Animates.
Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi are totally evil, and also happen to be twins. Their hair, tied up in warrior knots, symbolizes their brutalness and evil natures. Sailor Chi's fuku is red and Sailor Phi's fuku is green.
Another name for Sailor Chi is Sailor X, but that is only because "X" in the Greek alphabet means "Chi". It has no relation to the Sailor X most people would think of.

There is also a leader, or boss, of this duo. Her name is Sailor Theta. I believe she is only in the musicals, and thus, I don't have a picture of her. ^.^;;

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