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Che-22:Ultimate Amphibian Homebuilt

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Che-22 was designed by a group of Russian constructors and has become one of the first Russian homebuilts which is manufactured for common use.
Che-22 has an excellent characteristics for STOL aircraft. It can take off and land even from restricted areas of small forest rivers and lakes, so you you can reach wild and beautiful places with it.
This plane made of epoxy/foam composite sandwich except of wings, which are of aluminium. Wings are easy-to-fold. Aircraft can be made in some modifications: single or twin engine,with or without retractable gear, 3 of 4-seater.
BRS"Cobra" can be installed at the centerpost.
You can know more about it by ordering our information pack including text description, video(PAL,SECAM,NTSC available) and 20 colour photos.You can order it by
e-mail for only US$50 including shipping.

Power2§64 hp
Capacitymain80 litres
external140 litres
TO weight750 kg
Empty weight370 kg
TO rollground50 meters
water30 meters
Speedtake-off60 kmh
cruise145 kmh
min50 kmh
max190 kmh
Rangenormal600 km
ferry1200 kmh

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