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Below are various notes and sources on people and old St. Louis not included in "The Orphans". I expanded my research trying to link the Curtis/Orr's in some way to the people closely associated with the families. So far to no avail. But I do hope that this material may prove useful to some other researcher, and I will update this page as my work progresses.

Current surnames mentioned are Abadie, Blood, Bolling, Bremond, Curtis, Davis, Dousett, Edson, Fisk, Garrison, Hale, Kirkland, det Languedoc, dit Laviolette, Mersereau, Noye, Retalack, Roper, Siegrist, Snow, Strobridge, Story, Vandervoort.


MARRIAGE - Eugene S S ABADIE on 16 Jun 1870 by Rev F. G. Robert to Mary Louisa SNOW (late Robert S.) at her mothers house. New YorK & Philadelphia pc.
(Source: Book "Missouri Marriages in the News", Vol II, 1866-1870, by Lois Stanley. et al)


Charles Emerson (C. E.) BLOOD of Collinsville, IL., born 01 Mar 1810 in Mason Twp., Hillsboro County, New Hampshire, s/o Reuben F. BLOOD and Relief WHITING Blood.  He was a congregational minister and was part of the effort at the time of the Missouri Compromise to settle like minded New Englanders in Kansas to off-set the large numbers of slavery minded settlers being recruited from the South.  He served as minister to the "free-staters" in the town of Manhatten until 1861.
(Source: LDS and page 65 of "The Story of the Bloods" by Roger D Harris, G.K. Hall & Co., Boston, MA 1960))

Phoebe BLOOD Curtis  born 14 Jan 1814 in Charlston., Worchester County, MA, d/o Jacob BLOOD and Phoebe EDDY Blood.  1843 married Harvey CURTIS M.D. in Charlston, Worchester County, MA. Family was in MA in 1837 when daughter Jane was born, and in IL in 1844 when daughter Clarissa was born; finally settling in Fillmore, Fillmore County, MN.
(Note:  C. E. Blood & Phoebe Blood were first cousins, their fathers being son's of Richard BLOOD and Mary THOMPSOM.  This LDS info has not been verified.)
(Source: LDS and "The Descendants of Francis Curtis of Plymouth, MA, Born c. 1650" compiled by Harold E. Curtis)

1850 CENSUS - IL., Madison County, Collinsville, page 536 (12 Oct 1850).
C. E. Blood, age 40, male
Mary B., age 35, female
Edward Vandervoort, age 8, male
William Curtis, age 9, male
Matilda Hoffman, age 19, female
(Note:  This is the only information that the census taker entered for this household)


Oak Hill Cemetary, Big Bend Road, Kirkwood, MO
W. H. Curtis 17 Jul 1904 Age 63 years
John Curtis 12 Apr 1904 Age 19 years
(Source: Book "Old Cemetaries of St. Louis Co., Mo", Vol 1)
(Note: I have not verified that this is William H. Curtis, son of Harvey R. Curtis, but the dates make the year of birth 1841, which is correct.)

Oakwood Cemetary, Parsons, KS
Henry D. Mersereau (22 Jun 1815 - 08 Apr 1903)
Emily M. Mersereau (11 Jul 1821 - 31 Oct 1881)

(Source: Transcription by Dianne Dousette)

Forest Home Cemetary, Milwaukee, WI

M. S. Edson is buried in Lot 6, Block 16, Section 16. The others buried in the lot are William F. Edson, Fanny H. Storey, Asa Storey, Philip K. Davis child of Jonathan M. Davis, Eunice Lee Story, Fannie J. Davis, Horace G. Story and Sara E. Fisk. The graves were purchased on April 24, 1860. A monument was purchased and placed on the lot. All of the graves have footstones except for the child of J. M. Davis. There are still two graves unused in ther lot. Records state that Martha S. Edson was born 04 Sep 1820 and died 0n 02 Jan 1912, with burial taking place on 05 Jan, and that William F. Edson was born in 1812 and died on 26 Apr 1860.
(Source: Records of Forest Home Cemetary researched by Bob Gartz)
(Note: Edson Genealogical Association gives William F. Edson's year of birth as 1811.)

Where is St.Paul's Presbyterian Cemetary, St. Louis, MO?

A/K/A the old Prysbyterian Cemetary West of the city. Coffins reportedly found during St. Louis construction. "Similar incidents were reported during construction of cellars in the area from 18th Street to several blocks west, bounded on the south by Washington and on the north by Biddle. This had been the site of the Old Presbyterian Cemetery. Following the opening of Bellefontaine, many of the old graves had been moved. But not all.
(Source:: Article "UNEARTHING THE PAST" by Janet Keller. The Case of the Disappearing Cemeteries. St. Louis Home Magazine, March 1984, updated February 1989. "St. Louis County Library FV #12, Local History")
(Note: Bellefontaine Cemetary opened in 1849 due the St. Louis cemetaries filling up because of the cholera epidemic.)

ST. LOUIS CITY DIRECTORY  Follow this link for my page of transriptions for many of these individuals for the years 1836/1837 through 1870.


Charles R. Curtis - Funeral Notice: Died-In Jonesboro, Ill, Sunday, September 30th, 1894. Aged 47 years, 9 months and 10 days. Funeral Services at family residence at 2 o'clock, P.M. Monday, October 1. Internment at Jonesboro Cemetary. Friends of the family invited to attend.
(Source: Funeral Notice in possession of Ransom H. Curtis)

MARRIAGE NOTICE - Charles R. CURTIS of New Haven, MO in Anna, IL 21 Feb 1870 to Anna C. DAVIE (Dan S.) at his home.
(Source: Book "Missouri Marriages in the News", Vol II, 1866-1870, by Lois Stanley. et al)

Emily M. Curtis born 11 Jul 1821 in Cape Girardeau. MO
(Source: Family Bible of J. Barry Gooch)

Harvey CURTIS M.D. born 11 Jan 1810 probably in Thompson, Windham County, Conn.  Married Phoebe BLOOD on 26 Mar 1834 in Charlston, Worchester County, MA.
"The Descendants of Francis Curtis of Plymouth, MA, Born c. 1650" compiled by Harold E. Curtis))


William F. Edson born 1811 in Randolph Center, Orange County, VT. Married Martha N. STOREY on 06 Aug 1844 at same. Martha N. Storey was born 04 Sep 1820 at same. Martha's parents were Asa STORY and Fanny FISK . A note "lived in St. Louis, MO" and he was the pilot of a Mississippi River steamboat. There were no children.

William F. Edson's sister Susan Edson married L. J. GARRISON in 1844 and lived in St. Louis. The children of L. J. and Susan Garrison were William, Olivia, Elizabeth and Tappan. He also had a sister Mary Ann Edson STROBRIDGE and a brother Robert Stewart Edson (1804-1867), husband of Fannie Roper .
(Source: Email coorespondence with Edson Genealogical Association)


Cornelius Kirkland Garrison (1809-1885), s/o Oliver GARRISON (1778-1840) and Catherine Mahala Schuylar KIRKLAND , married Mary Noye RETALACK in 1831. Child was Catherine Mahala GARRISON, born in Pittsburg. PA. Family arrived in St. Louis in 1833.
(Source: LDS and "The Book of Missourians", 1906, Edited by M. L. Van Nada, Page 411)

DEATH NOTICE - Cornelius K. Garrison son of Oliver and Louisa C., 07 Dec, 1847 se 13 m 20 d. Buried Bissell cemetary.
(Source: Book "More Death Records from Missouri Newspapers 1820-1857" by Lois Stanley, et al)

Daniel R. Garrison , s/o Oliver Garrison (1778-1840) and Catherine Mahala Schuylar KIRKLAND. h/o Ann Coats NOYE. He was partner with Oliver Garrison in the Eagle Foundry. Children were Mary Alice, Charles Richard, Margaret and Emma.
(Source: LDS and "The Book of Missourians", 1906, Edited by M. L. Van Nada, Page 411)

Katherine "Kitty" Garrison born 01 Mar 1795, died 26 Jan 1874 in Clark Co., KY, married John CURTIS . Child was Ransom O. CURTIS, born 1812 in Clark Co., KY.
(Note: In her 1875 letter Martha S. Edson refers to herself as "Auntie Martha" and mentions both Daniel and Lawrence Garrison. My research has revealed that she was sister-in-law to L. J. Garrison.
A Curtis family with the Ransom given name as well as a Garrison family connection is at least very suspicious, but I have failed to connect this them in any way to the St. Louis Garrison's, particularly L. J. , or my Curtis'. )
(Source: LDS)

L. J. Garrison born abt. 1815, married Susan EDSON in Dec 1844 in St. Louis. MO.
(Question: Is L. J. related to Cornelius, Daniel and Oliver who originate from Pittsburg, or could he have a KY origin and be related to Katherine "Kitty" Garrison Curtis? If this Curtis family was related to William and Charles, then placing Charles with L. J.'s childless sister-in-law, Martha S. Edson, would be very reasonable.)
(Source: LDS and "The Book of Missourians", 1906, Edited by M. L. Van Nada, Page 411)

Oliver Garrison born abt. 1811, s/o Oliver Garrison (1778-1840) and Catherine Mahala Schuylar KIRKLAND , h/o Louisa HALE, who died in 1893. Their child was Oliver Lawrence GARRISON, born 13 Oct 1848 in St. Louis, married Mary S. SIEGRIST in 1879.
(Source: LDS and "The Book of Missourians", 1906, Edited by M. L. Van Nada, Page 411)


The Riverfront in 1858


was born 22 Jun 1815 on Statin Island or Broome County,  NY.   H. D. and Emily Curtis Mersereau's children were Harry Curtis MERSEREAU and older sister Minnie MERSEREAU, who married Charles HOWLETT.  Harry C. Merserau was
born 11 Dec 1856 in Richmond, IN, and married Mary A. DOUSETT, born 01 Jul 1863 in Clarke County, IL.  Henry and Emily are buried in Oakwood Cemetary, Parsons. KS.
(Source: Family Bible of J. Barry Gooch)


William ORR
on 06 Sept 1827 purchased a 45' x 75' lot from Michael Reilly fronting 45' on Washington Avenue and bounded East by the Presbyterian Church.
(Source: Conveyance Book O, Page 335, Deed Records of St. Louis Co., MO)

Mrs. Mary ORR on 04 June 1832 purchased from Mathew Kerr for $20, a lot situated in the Presbyterian Burying Ground, West of the City of St. Louis, and identified on the plat of said burying ground as Lot No. 7, South of Block 4, which said lot contains 21 feet from North to South by 8 feet East to West.
(Source: William Orr Probate Docket #1351, St. Louis Co., MO)


Mary Louise SNOW
(1847-1914) married Eugene Solignac ABADIE (1842-1909) on 16 June, 1870 in St. Louis, MO. Children were: (1) Eugene Hilarian ABADIE , born 1872,died 1912, married Alice Gloria Bolling; and (2) Nina Louise ABADIE born Sep 1876, married Pierre BREMOND.
(Source: LDS)

Robert Bruce SNOW - WILL dated 24 Sep 1865 (#7324 filed 28 Feb 1866 St. Louis) Two older children, John and Mary; wife Catherine M. Snow appointed executrix. One witness was Mary B. Snow of 48 West 15th Street, NYC, NY.
(Source: St. Louis Probate Records)


Peter VANDERVOORT married 09 Nov 1831 to Adeline Lanavdiere det Languedoc, daughter of Laurent Landaudiere di Languedoc and Theotiste Tougard dit Laviolette . Daughter Sarah Vandervoort born 1837 and Christened 28 Sep 1839. Edward Vandervoort was born abt. 1842
(Source: LDS)
(Note: This was presumably his first marriage, his second being to Mary Isabelle Orr Curtis.)


The Orphans

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