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SInIStEr__CLoWn'S House

YOU ARE NOW IN THE HOME OF *SiNiStEr_CloWn* Feel free to look around all you want..just dont stay here too long!!! also prepare yourself for a lil slice of my life.. so if you want to leave Laters
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Well I guess you would like to know a little about me huh? Well what ever anyone has told you, Nothing it true. Ok, there might be a few things true. *chuckles* Anyways I'm 21 From Colorado but I was born in the great'ol state of louisiana...yeee haww I'm not a country homo, but people think that cuz the dont know what kind of shit goes on down in the Dirty Dirty.. You dirty south g'z know what i'm sayin.... I like to go to Raves,But I havent been to a good one since i started back to work.... WORK SUCKS.. but I love the money. When i'm at my grandmothers I like to go down to the apollos a kick it with all my niggaz.. People sometimes think i'm crazy for goin down there but how eles do you expect to get all the good shit.. Surly not goin out to some redneck house for some bitch azz home grown dish weed FUCK THAT..... I like to just kick it with them because the are more of a party type goin then some people I know up in colorado. But much luv to em from the mile HIGH Zone...I really miss going back there sometimes. I have alot of friends and family, and friends there that I know miss me. Hell They still call and bug me in the middle of the night. I have a great girl that just loves me to death, and I love her evern more. EVen when she gives me shit about my drinking. *chuckles* Yea.. I like to drink. Hey! I'm from the South.. Think about it. Well.. That's about it.. If you want to know anything else just ask...LATER
This is one of the best bands there is!!!!!!
****This i also a good band****
What you see on this fuckin page is what I think kicks ass. And if you don't like it you can leave right now cuz i don't want your shit about *I hate your page,Marilyn Manson suxz* don't give me that shit.Unless you are a friend i know then you can talk about my shit. Just lets be nice and enjoy my fuckin  page...Thanks...

****Isn't that nice****

Good so you are still here. That must mean you like what you see. I hope you do cuz if you don't and you just here to give me hell, thanks. If you would sign my guest book. Please don't leave a priv msg.. I hate those thing..Thank you and come again if you like....

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I LOVE THIS DOG!!!!!!!!!
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This is one *BAD ASS* car

This Marilyn Manson Webring site is fucking owned by


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