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I Saw a Flying Saucer, UFO, Spaceship and Watched Aliens at Redwood Creek Blueberry Farm in the country Near  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

It all happened while I was camping out at Redwood Creek Farm. It was a cold blustery December night. The fire was crackling in the cold air.

Crickets were rubbing their legs together and singing "But Will You Love Me Tomorrow" The shy was clear and full of millions of stars. I could clearly see the milky way galaxy.


milkway.gif (21426 bytes)


I was sitting by the fire on the ground on top of my sleeping bag with my old blue-tick coon hound dog, Phideaux. Suddenly Phideaux, Louisiana for  Fido, started barking excitingly and digging a hole in the dirt. He always does that when he is nervous. His long, floppy, red ears were dragging the ground and he was panting and sweating.  I heard like a roaring flying sound just like the one you are hearing now. Zooming over my head. There was a bright light up high in the sky over me.

The light came closer, much closer, floating down to earth. Suddenly a beam of light come flashing across the fields past the blueberries right up to the fire, and me. It turned the night to day , well almost. Then I saw the flying saucer, the UFO spinning just between me and the blueberry plants.

Spcship1.gif (6766 bytes)

It hovered right off the ground, sit there just hovering and spinning.

saucer1.gif (8408 bytes)

I am not a rocket scientist, but I figgered this thing I was watching must have come from space, maybe even outer space. You know, other planets.

saturn2.gif (12827 bytes)

venus2.gif (18981 bytes)

Well Phideaux was having a hussy fit. He ran out into the field up under the spinning space shit (whoops ship). He was barking up at it. Then a beam of brighter light slid out from under the ship and a even brighter cylinder appeared and an alien was beamed out, Charlie.

alien4.gif (12817 bytes)

I heard the sound, it was a sound I shall never forget as long as I live. It sounded just like someone spinning the top off a peanut butter jar in the middle of the night. The sound of metal a spinning on glass magnified like about 20,000000000000000000000000 times.

PeterPan.gif (11715 bytes)

Then this ramp like they have on the Miss America Pageant slithered out of the spinning spaceship (careful now, don't say shit in here). And this little green man came waltzing down the brightly lit ramp.

alien2.gif (14366 bytes)

Soon he was joined by other creatures, that I would never let my daughter go dancing with.

alien3.gif (16752 bytes)

Aliendnc.gif (9163 bytes)

One by one the aliens were either beamed out or slithered down the ramp. Phideaux was going crazy now, yelping and digging a hole to China. Suddenly an alien seemed to be setting on a light bar.

alien1.jpg (4654 bytes)

I am glad I had my camera along to take alien photographs or you would never believe  what I am saying. See what I'm saying.

The alien on the light bar pointed at Phideaux and Phideaux whimpered and ran over next to me as I sat there shaking in awe.

The aliens started milling around on the ground by the blueberry patch. They were looking all over the place. Looking under leaves. Looking under bits of paper scattered by the wind. Looking under the browning leaves of the blueberry plants and under the fallen leaves of the nearby red oak tree. A hoot owl was calling into the night.

owllogo.gif (32843 bytes)

The tiny space "persons", wink, were looking under leafs, under paper under beer cans and under lizards.

franknlouie.jpg (27641 bytes)

Finally one of the little green men started talking in alien language, but somehow, miraculously I was able to understand.

alien2.gif (14366 bytes)

He asked,  "Hay Mack, what we looking fer anywho?"



The other alien.

alien3.gif (16752 bytes)

He answered, "Little bitsy flashing women."

animatflasher.gif (26630 bytes)

Well that is the story, believe it or not. Phideaux does.


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