Redwood Creek Blueberry Farm, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

592 Lemon B Road, Slaughter, Louisiana

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Blueberries taste like huckleberries but better and sweeter and easier to pick. They are rich in fiber, beta carotene, vitamin A and others. The have been linked to good heart health and cancer prevention.   W.C. Fields may say that man can live off blueberries alone.Well if he wasn't dead he may.

Season: Mid May to Mid July * Picking hours: Daylight to Dark * This picking is under the honor system where you pick your berries, weigh them in, get a business card from the bench by the scales and mail us a check. We trust you  * Price: $1.25 a pound if you pick * $2.00 a pound if we pick *Note that a pound is a little more than a pint. * Remember these berries are best when eaten right off the bush. *   They will be extremely tasty and fresh. * They in most cases are not refrigerated. * We do not use pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer. *   Lots of people eat the berries off the bush as they are picking. * If you like we can weigh you in before and after picking.* This is a joke ha ha *Delivery is available* If you are new, you get a free pound * Bring someone else new, get another free pound.*

Summer Jobs and employment and funding opportunities for adults, teenagers with transportation, baseball teams, scout troops, and church groups. This beats selling $1.00  M & M's for $2:00 in front of Walmart where they cost 50 cents. We will pay 50 cents a pound for blueberries  picked. With little effort you can pick $5.00 worth in an hour. The bushes are 6 foot tall and the berries come off in clumps.

Other opportunities: We are looking for someone to place a mobile home at the farm free in exchange for helping with the picking, tractor work and keeping the grass cut.You need to also be willing to care of  feeding and watering horses. Please be able to provide character references.

Garden Plot Rentals: Garden plot rentals are available. The price is negotiatable. Contact us for aditional information.

Please state the subject of the email or the ICQ 57295199 chat upon each contact. Well as Dr. Laura would say, "Now take on the day."

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