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This page was done with the help of my neigbor

midnite cowboy

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 You  folks from around here will know that the colors on this page are

close  to the LSU team colors and to Mardi Gras

Did you know that LSU'S colors came from Mardi Gras? 

Bonjour dawlin dahlins relax, take your shoes off and stay as long as you like. I hope you have been feeling peachy, I have because I have really enjoyed your company on the net. You will need to clean out your cache after viewing all the lovely images posted on this page. For Windows 95 just reach your little hand up and click the mouse at the top left where it says view. Then click Internet options. You will see the words temporary Internet files. Click delete files. You can also get rid of subscription content or cookies, and you can clear your history. These will make your computer work faster in the Internet.

Perhaps you came by to get to know me just a little better and to hear my story. Or perhaps you came here to. I am a twenty five year old Cajun from Baton Rouge, a sleepy but growing Mississippi River town in south Louisiana in the good ole US of A. We Cajuns fled to this area of warm climate and tall Evangeline live oak trees with Spanish moss hanging sleepily from their heavy limbs like the gray from your great grandfather's beard. My relatives fled here from Nova Scotia because they would not swear allegiance to the Kang of England, they would only swear at him.

You may be axing what is a Cajun. We is made form a lil' bit of dis'and a lil' bit of da't. Well in most of the world a lil' girl is made up of sugar and spice and every thing nice, but I was made of hot pepper, gumbo, boudin, sauce piquant, crawfish stew and oreo cookies. My idea of the fast lane is cruising with my family attempting to plane on top of the grayish waters of the spillway, Lake Henderson, or Bayou Pigeon in our bass boat at about 50 miles per nanosecond spraying water on alligators without shoes, cottonmouth moccasin

snakes hanging from dead cypress tree limbs, and green budwieser bull froggies croaking noisily on lily pads as we search for beds of bream , sac-o-lait, or bass. I prefer fly fishing with lite graphite rods that give the lil' fishies at least half a chance.


Or maybe, you can see us waking up with the and slinging smelly gumbo mud or red clay from all four wheels of our jeep near our camp in the edge of the Kasatchee National Forest near Winfield , Louisiana, the home of former late governor Huey P. Long. Well we might be looking for   ........................or some.


                              we may be looking for  

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98.gif (2528 bytes)            or, some




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The chances are that we might get stuck and, honey, let me tell you, when you get stuck in a jeep you have serious problems and a long walk awaits you unless your winch is working and a tree is close enough for your cable. Best thing to do is bring a flashlight, some matches for a fire, a rain coat in case it rains,

flash5.gif (17278 bytes)

and some tunes for your ears.

I often like my zydeco with the fiddles and accordions of   Zydeco like Wayne Toups, unless I give way to a variety of musical moods which draw me to James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Rod Stewart, Dolly Parton, Bonnie Rait or my very favorite, the group ABBA. This marks the fifteenth year that Abba has ruled my musical attractions and I still think those two ladies are the sexiest in all the world. When I listen to songs. I love to .. and sing.

My favorite movie stars are Roma Downey, Walter Mattheau , the putz, Roma Downey, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Demi Moore, and Roma Downey. My most favorite of all are Robert Redford and Meryl Streep so My all time favorite movie is "Out of Africa" which I own on video and watch over an over and still cry when I think of the lions sleeping on Dennis's grave. My favorite lines are "I had a farm in Africa". Another great movie is "Forrest Gump" run Forrest run". I must admit some people look at the Peach put their hands on their hips and say, "Well stooped is as stooped does.Forrest Gump Midi" I only like a few television shows "Touched By an Angel","Sinefeld", "NYPD Blue", and "Early Edition". The one celebrity that I never want to see again is Barney. Now

Heather likes but, little did I know that when I got married and had a daughter, that I was bound to nearly 6 years of the purple dinosaur's antics and fun "I love you , you love me , we're a happy family." Girls be careful it could happen to you. But it has really been a small sacrifice to make for the love of a family.

We love LSU TIGER baseball and football . For exercise we swim daily or play softball If that is not enough to keep us buzy we make frequent trips to New Orleans for hurricanes at Pat O Brains or a family day at the Audobon Zoo, where all the animals are axing for you. We never miss the free celebration of Mardi Grass, the free fireworks on the river on the Fourth of July.or the bonfires on the levee at Christmas. Even my lovely daughter likes them.

Heather, the lite of my life, will be six on December 19, 1997. What a wonderful lasting Christmas present, Santa Clause has been velly velly good to me, I guar-on'-tee. The three of us are very happy and I hope I can add to your happiness and the joy of Christmas The

version of \'Twas The

Night Before Christmas will visit you and yours for as long

as you live, where ever you live.

I hope you enjoy my smiles and goofy antics on the web and that my humor don't run you down.



I hope you visit this site often. and send me email about it. And hay, print slowly so I can read it. Enclosed you will find links to subjects I have touched on and some of my favorite sites on the Internet. Have a lovely day .

Well I'm no Einstein, but I planned and executed this page myself with lots of help from my work pals Chuck and Ray, and my close net friends Jessica and Reggie. I would also like to thank my other close friends who have made the world wide web very entertaining for me: Brandy, Rachael, Debbie, Jackie, Sara, Dona, Doc, Phil,Kiwi Oz, Crusader,AJ, Delcy, Rose Mary, and many many others. I should also thank my family for giving up the time it took to do this work. This page was done on "Microsoft 4.1", and "Front Page 97." The graphics were provided by the "Louisiana Peach Festival" in Ruston and "Animations and More". This page is sponsored by the handy nice folks at

http://www.geocities.com where you can get your own 2mb home page for free. Maybe you should stop by there and drink a cup a coffee sometime. DON'T GO AWAY THERE ARE KWEL LINKS AND PHOTOS AT THE BOTTOM. I hope you are enjoying my episodes

on the Internet. I hope that I have made your and your


SMILE. Feel free to


...........send me anything but virus and spam.

The remainder of this page has photos and may load up slowly.

Love and Kisses



I  have already started saving for my child to  attend LSU, because it is a tough world and one needs at least a college degree or a very good skill to not only survive, but to be able to buy updates for your computer. What ever you have now will be obsolete by the time your finished reading this page. I hope you and yours have plans to stay in school to receive as much education as possible in one lifetime. Money should not stand in your way. There are financial aids available if you search for them. I can take you on a short drive down one street, Acadian Thruway , in our town that literally leads from rags to riches, from unpainted, unheated shotgun shacks to mansions with swimming pools and hot tubs. A shotgun shack is a house where you can shoot a shotgun thru the front door and it will go out the back door. How you live in this world depends on your drive, your desires and goals, your opportunities, and your education. Therefore I have included some links to some of Louisiana's schools.TULANE DEPARTMENT OF RADIOLOGY

...............College of Administration & Business - La. Tech University...............................

Louisiana State University.....Northeast Louisiana University.And while we are talking about LSU, You might as well hear me cheering for the team.I am on the 50 yard line. LSU ATHLETICS . If you happen to be away from the area and want to listen to the game you can tune in........ .When you are planing a trip to Nawlins, you need hotel reservations, sumtin ta' eat, how to speak the language, and somewhere ta' pass a good time so clock here Welcome to the Mardi Gras......Welcome To New Orleans

What's New in New Orleans?.............Louisiana where y'at? The Connection

It is time you tickled your tongue with some goodsingfrog.gif (29278 bytes) food, your ears with Zydeco,  your

heart with some belly laughing, and pass a good time with us colorful people from dixie. Now turn up your


clickers and start speaking,COPIES..

singtrtle.gif (8358 bytes)singfrog.gif (29278 bytes)

... & Creole......A Glossary of terms used in New

Orleans..!............Bayoubeat.com Zydeco  Artist Willis Prudhomme...............................

Cajun Humor Michael Maurice Courville.<<<Frame Structure for  Music

The Wayne Toups Webpage...........WAYNE TOUPS and ZYDECAJUN..............................

Music from Swallow Records..............Meet Chef Paul Prudhomme - \America's Favorite

Chef\....... midi wayne toups.............Vintage Beausoleil...midi Christmas Time's A Comin'

Evangeline Oak Park .................................Want to learn to speack Cajun one day at a time

Word of the Day.............Some beautiful poetry, my in south LA..........

Evangeline CD-ROM...........Evangeline.........Romantics, turn on your printers now.for

Longfellow's poem...Evangeline........The Creole  Recipe Page.............................

Where Ya At Dawlin?................. on the Web....Cajun Country....Now lets talk peaches

dahwlin,Peach Cookery Contest Recipes........Louisiana Peach Festival 1997.........................

It is now time for the celebrity corner.......ABBAMAIL.........ABBA......Eric Clapton midi files

Eric Clapton Sound Clips........Eric Clapton.......MIDI/WAV..........Some of Dona DiCici's

Music.Sounds and Music........This page sponsored by Peaches' Animal Calls.com..............

....Sound Effects......Touched By An Angel........Roma Downey about CAIT.........................

Roma Downey.........Meryl Streep.....MOVIESTAR INDEX..........Meryl Streep.................

Meryl Streep......STREEP, MERYL......Welcome to Meryl Streep Online.........................

Now a word or 2 about National Public Radio the one thing I find easy to do while I am on line.

cartalk.msn.com........Here is the greatest living story teller,who tells us weekly about the every day life in America's home town, Lake Woebegone, Min. where all the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and the children are WELL above average.A Prairie Home Companion, from

Minnesota Public Radio.........Here are some places to help you on line.MapQuest! TripQuest

MetaCrawler | MiniCrawler a great search engine............American Medical Association

RocketMail - your free web-based e-mail........yahoo

a good place to get a homepage GeoCities - The Largest Community on the Web!.......Animation


A wide world of midi filesMIDI/WAV

and More Animation

Animated cute greeting cards.....Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards

My favorite chat rooms, I do like to yackityyack, who don't.

know of. They also have a very easy got read scroll down help area if you have trouble getting in.

You don't have to be anstooges.gif (10653 bytes)..........or a..........to figure it out. I hear this

thingie is good too.....ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network.....

But I ain't ner' learn't to download. I did it once and ICQ was in 10,00000 files and choking my

puter, but I could not not get a one open to fill out the form.

Page..Well I don't know about you, but I'm wore out now. I think I am going to sleep. Good night honey. Turn the light out when you go. Oh yes You can send comments


.........Thankyou very much.



This page was written with the help of my neighbor, the midnite cowboy. If you need a web page done or a beautiful photograph like mine scanned give him a holler or an email.




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