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What Happened to Friendship, Kindness, and Common Courtesy on the Streets

What happened to friendship, kindness, courtesy, and just saying howdy? I drive all over Baton Rouge in a tan Chevy Silverado pick-up truck with the word BEAR in big print on the back window. Sitting high up off the pavement in the truck, I see lots of things like people fixing their nails, reading the paper, or combing their hair while they are driving or just stopped at the red-light. On rare occasions they will look over at me and smile. Except for the kids.

The kids will often look at me and wave, smile or make faces in return for me making faces at me.I have a young child, and I know the importance of cautioning them about strangers. Well this ain't about warning kids. This is about what happens to us adults who will say and do almost anything on the Internet and will not look at or speak to the person parked next to us at a red-light. Who will walk right past a person coming out of the door without speaking or even noticing that they are alive.

Are we in that big of a hurry? Are we that untrusting of strangers, just because of a few bad apples. Well looka here. When I drive down the road, I will be watching for your happy smile. Try and gain back just one ounce of that openness, friendliness, and trust our kids are so familiar with. Stop to smell the roses. And honk your horn three times when you see me. Roll the window down and say hello. I may let you buy me a cuppa coffee. Why don't you pick one up and try it sometimes?

To bad they don't give tickets for friendliness.

When you read this page, please be polite and email me. Tell me a story of how you try and make your corner of the world more friendly. I may display it here.  Thanks for visiting.



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