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The views expressed on this blog are only my thoughts and do not represent anyone else's. I DO NOT CARE about grammatical mistakes, so save your energy in correcting me. Different names will be used in the place of person's real names. If you think you are the one I am talking about, think again because I am not liable for any defamation. I am not liable for any of your emotional distress.

July 25, 2005 : 11:52 p.m.

Today, a woman in Colorado pleaded guilty through a plea bargain for performing sexual acts during 'sex parties' with young high school boys because she wanted to be the "cool mom:" Link. This reminds me of particular parents in my high school, who wanted to be the "cool parents." The kids were proud that their parents did things like host parties involving alcohol provided free by the parents, which led to sex between those attending the parties, either at that time or later that night. This is very disturbing as not only with this lady, who sexually assaulted influenced boys, but that the parties I described could lead to some drunken/helpless young teenage girl being sexually assaulted or raped by another male classmate. Thus, the parents should be criminally liable in these situation for their children's law breaking activities. In the case of the Colorado mom, I seriously doubt alcohol would be needed with some of these kids. I was a boy in high school, and boy's in high school are humping anything that moves. Some high school boy's probably have fantasies about doing the hot mom or "MILF," which was personified and given a nod in movies, such as American Pie. It is very disgusting in my opinion. The parents, who do such things, are acting as immature as their children if not more immature. In high school, I generally didn't attend these parties because either (1) I was not invited or (2) I found it repulsive. One particular set of parents did this for those I hung out with in the top academic group. I was more interested in tennis and hanging out with my girlfriend. Back home in Oakdale, single parents also ride around and ride on young boys in high school, when they have children in the same grade. Grow up people and stop living your 'glory years.' Students should also realize it isn't that cool to sleep with your pal's fat immature mom, who is as loose as a hot bath tub of water.


July 19, 2005 : 4:25 p.m.

Maury is the man. I watched the show faithfully in college with two of my fellow roommates. The show never seizes to amaze me. It's either boot camped bad-ass teens, lie detector tests on affairs or DNA tests to see who the father is. Connie Chung is one lucky lady. Today, they wanted people to call who dislike their son or daughter's mate and tried to get their child to cheat on their spouse or girl/boyfriend. How amazing is that? Jerry Springer and Maury should do a primetime special. The difference between the two shows now is that Maury has elaborate tests to show up fellow losers, rather than bringing on another poor soul. Maury also doesn't have fighting ... yet. Talk about girl/boyfriends. Check out this editorial piece in the latest Onion. Sounds like my past relationships before I found a stable woman: Link.


July 15, 2005 : 9:37 p.m.

The latest Harry Potter comes out tonight at 12:01 a.m. God save us all. My good pal and fellow classmate Brandon works at Barnes and Noble in Tulsa in the recieving department. He said that they recieved the books earlier this week and as he was leaving the store this afternoon around 5 p.m. with the manager, a line of about 25 people was standing there, dressed up and waiting until the clock struck midnight for the book. He was saddened by this, as was I.

July 15, 2005 : 5:00 p.m.

Tomorrow I head to the Big Easy to housesit for two weeks. Should be fun as I hang out with some people and Melanie is coming in. So, I will not be writing much unless some wild event occurs down there.

Tree-hugging hippy flaming liberals control certain channels of television and it really annoys me. I'm all for environmentalism because I'm a conservation biologist to a certain extent when it comes to deforestation, population ecology and the like. I also recieved my Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Tulane in New Orleans. However, this isn't the point. Channels run my Viacom are ridiculous as they push their agenda down our throats and influence our children to become what they are: tit-sucking supposed intellictuals. The first channel is CBS. Its report on 60 Minutes about President Bush and his military records blew up in their and their poster boy's face, Dan Rather. Comedy Central, which I praised below, pushes Viacom's agenda down our throats with the Daily Show, which criticizes all things moral. This show is very dangerous as a large majority of youth in our country get their daily source of news from this show rather than CNN or FoxNews, which are not as bipartisan as most people think with broadcasters and commentators jumping from channel to channel like a prostitute on a downtown Shreveport streetcorner. I loved the Daily Show, but I stopped watching it a couple of years back because of it's nonsense. Another channel from Viacom is MTV. This channel is pure trash. NEXT has to be one of the worst shows created, along with Date my Mom ... well, most shows on that channel are the worst shows created. What happened to music on the channel. I guess one could say Total Request Live shows videos ... all 5 seconds of them. MTV pushes their agenda down our throats with campaigns, such as Vote or Die, which was a disgrace by any standards with the number of voting youths being the same or dropping in some states. The channel does the same thing as the Daily Show by implicitly using a liberal agenda to disgrace others and drawing America's youth to watch it. VH1 seems fine, except it doesn't show videos either. A channel that has gone from what it was designed to do to pure trash, like MTV is CMT. Okay, let's turn the old rugged style of cowboys into a metrosexual look created by the Fab Five. No videos once again with this channel, along with BET, which has little videos shown. I could go on and on about this, but I find it very annoying. Although I have always considered myself a liberal, the flaming liberal agenda, which I make a distinction with below and here, is ridiculous. I have began to call myself a moderate rather than a liberal. With such bipartisanship, is civil war possible? Yeah right, but who knows. Terrorists are extremist. They are against the leadership of governments. Could one of these conspiracy-minded liberals, who hate Republicans and our President, try and destroy that which was created as a free country? I wouldn't doubt if some of them try to do something terrible and we have another Timothy McVeigh on our hands. Maybe government officials should not worry so much about Al-Qaeda, but those extremists within our own country, like Militias, etc.

July 14, 2005 : 7:00 p.m.

I enjoy good comedy and watch Comedy Central with three of my favorite shows being Reno 911, South Park and the Dave Chappelle show. Cartman is da man and Chappelle is messed up for not starting the new season and going on some spiritual nonsense. The race card used in comedy used to be great with Chris Rock basing his sole act on it. But the onslaught of Mexicans comedians playing the race card is becoming ridiculous. It isn't funny. I think the only people who probably thinks it is funny is Mexicans. Hispanics probably don't even find it funny. They play the race card, but it has been done. Stop it for god's sakes. Go on Univision and strut your stuff. You are no Dave Chappelle. You can't relate to the white people like the black people can. Black people have a reason to poke fun at us, while Mexicans really have no reason. They may have a reason when the U.S. government steps in and stop what I feel is modern-day slavery of illegal and even legal immigrants from Mexico. That's another rant that I'll address at a later date.

July 6, 2005 : 1:00 p.m.

I'm a registered democrat and share most of their views, including abortion. I'm also a Southern Baptist that believes in Evolution. Go figure. However, the democrats are becoming more and more crazed in the way they approach things. I voted for Bush in the last election because he didn't embrace many of the radicals conspiracy-type views that the flaming liberals have come to throw out there. There needs to be a middle party. The democrats have lost all control and have the ultimate goal of destroying the republicans at all cost, while the republicans would rather destroy the environment, stop abortion and make all language that involves our consitutional rights ambiguous to dissolve our private rights. I'm thinking about going independent or green. That'll teach them. Or maybe I should create my own party. We'll call it the moderate anti-conspirators. I think that will be the only solution to this ignorant two-party war system.

July 4, 2005 : 10:00 p.m.

A child was killed recently over an IPOD he owned - Link. It is a similar circumstance to teenagers killing others over their new Nike "Jordan's." However, the difference between "Jordan's" and an IPOD is the way they are used. IPOD's are used illegally, plain and simple. Recently in my copyright law class, we discussed the Grokster case, which the U.S. Supreme Court decided after the class had ended. The high court found that these P2P prog's were illegally allowing the sharing of MP3/music files. The class went into a discussion of illegal sharing and other analogous situations. I said that an IPOD held 10K songs. No person has bought 10K songs to fill the IPOD and that anyone with that much music has it illegally. I think an IPOD holds 10,000 songs. A woman, who I have always felt has a mental problem, basically told me I was dumb and didn't know what I was talking about because she owned that many songs. Apparently an IPOD holds 10,000 songs because she owns that many. After my pal/classmate sitting beside me figured the numbers while the nutcase aimed insults at me, I told her that I figured it out and she had approxiately 830 CD's with 12 songs on each CD and spent around $12,500 on all of those songs at $15 per CD. Unlikely. The class laughed and the professor quickly stopped the discussion. That was one week where certain members of the class didn't care to hear my comments. But it is true. Not many people have spent or bought that many songs for an IPOD. Even at the rate that they sell songs for now, about $1.00 a song, who spends $10,000 for songs on their portable music player. Who spends even $1,000 for 1,000 songs on smaller players. The music industry should be going after the makers of portable music players as much as the Groksters or Kazaa's of the world. Even though the PSP's are directly involved with indirect illegal dispursal of the music or movie files, the IPOD or other players, who may claim they are not the problem, are equally at fault. The music industry needs to next file suit against Apple or Dell. Noncopyrightable uses of all of these are the same and it is ashame that very rich music artists are losing money to the horrible music file thiefs. Oh, the horror!


July 4, 2005 : 8:07 p.m.

The site is fully functional and uploaded. The main pages that will be updated are the blog and 2005 photo pages.


July 2, 2005 : 5:00 p.m.

I made a few adjustments to the programming of the site. Took off any shockwave media because it slowed down the download time on dial-up. Should have photos completely up and the site fully operational by the end of next week. Then I will regularly post my rants and opinions on this blog.


June 27, 2005 : 9:00 p.m.

This is the total redesign on my website and my first attempt at a blog. Should be interesting to see whether I keep this thing and my entire website fully updated. I'm in the process of programming photos from my last website to this one through a new design. If anyone finds grammatical errors, don't bother with telling me about it. Anyway, that's all for now. Ciao.

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