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Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are only my thoughts and do not represent anyone else's. I DO NOT CARE about grammatical mistakes, so save your energy in correcting me. Different names will be used in the place of person's real names. If you think you are the one I am talking about, think again because I am not liable for any defamation. I am not liable for any of your emotional distress.

September 23, 2005 :: 12:45 p.m.

Hurricane Katrina hit my friends and some family in southeastern Louisiana. Only two were affected grossly. Now, Hurricane Rita will directly affect my house, family and most of my uncles and aunts, including one of my best friends. Hopefully we come out alright. God speed ...

September 17, 2005 :: 2:45 p.m.

Today is the first Tulane football game of our season and the first since the hurricane. We play Mississippi St. and all I can say is:

Roll Wave Roll !!!


September 16, 2005 :: 12:00 p.m.

It seems like the city of New Orleans is finally healing the pains suffered by Hurricane Katrina. The famous folks did their part with self-promotional fundraisers and the government took blame for all of the ill-prepared FEMA. I think the blame not only goes to them but also to Governor Kathleen Blanco. I'm not a fan at all. As a Louisiana resident, I did not vote for her but Bobby Jindal, who is the man. He is a Rhodes scholar, who thinks before he speaks and is very methodical in the way he approaches things. Blanco is like a chicken with her head cut off. She seemed like she did not know what the hell was going on during the days following the hurricane. I've never had faith for a woman who knows as much about state government as Governer Arnold in Caly. I love Mayor Ray Nagin. Blame him all your want, but the man is not a dumbass. Sure, he could have forced evacuation with all of "those" school buses, but the city plan/code was to let people trickle out on their own. He is the best thing to happen to New Orleans in a very long time because he is not a corrupt individual working to pad his pocket. Now, enough with the blame game. We need to worry about getting that city in working order. Tear down all the poor neighborhoods affected by the flooding and make the city a better place. It will be a much better place. Hopefully though, we don't lose the culture and memories we once had with this rebuilding.

September 10, 2005 :: 1:00 a.m.

I have a strong feeling about two things that are very personal to me. My friends know about one thing, and my girlfriend and mom know about the other. First, the thing my close friends, especially my roommates know about: my crap/farts do not stink. I'm serious. My feces do not emit any foul odor. It is amazing. People say this as a personification of being better than another person, but this is not implicit. This is the real deal. My friends/roommates are generally too disgusted when I bring up the subject to go smell it, while those close to me think I'm nuts. My mom, especially, who can't believe I leave the door open after taking a dump without any circulation or deodorent sprayed in the immediate area. She thinks I goofy. My feet are the second item I have strong feelings about. I always thought they were perfect. This was confirmed by another friend, Josh Silva. We were running buddies in early high school and one day on church trip to a water park, I was sitting there watching people. He sat next to me and says, "You have perfect feet. You should be a foot model." He went on for about 20 minutes before my mom shut him up. Why did she shut him up? Because things were going my way so much at that time in my life that I think she thought my head may get big, which it didn't (although this may not seem like the case with this blog entry). My mom actually said this and continues to try and shut me up about my feet because my dad did the same thing to her throughout their marriage. Especially when they were dating. He would go on and on about his feet. Genetics? Hardly. His feet aren't perfect. If he did have perfect feet, I hope mine don't turn out like his. My girlfriend wants me to stop going on about my feet and the natural shine of my toe nails, but come on ... you got a nice ass, you want people to go on about it or check you out. That's why I gotta give other guys the evil eye when they check her out. So, why not my feet? Can't I be proud about them? Apparently not. I just think everyone is jealous.

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