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Hi my name is Pete H. Bencke, I'm 49 years old and work for the New Orleans Police Department as a Police Officer. I have been in Law Enforcement for 23 years and have worked in many positions within the NOPD. From a street cop at the beginning of my career, member of the SWAT team, Crime Prevention Officer, just to mention a few. I have been married to a wonderful gal by the name of Marian for 24 years now. Next year we celebrate out 25th (Silver) anniversary. How she put up with me I don't know. We were blessed with two beautiful kids, Troy 20 and Tina 18. One of my hobbies is to collect and trade Police Shoulder Patches. I will swap one for one with any Law Enforcement Member. You can reach me via my E-Mail address below. My second passion is Golf. I love to play the game and only wish like so many of us that I could get better. I carry a 17 handicap and one of my favorite courses is Eastover in New Orleans East. If your interested in Patches or Golf feel free to drop me aline and let me know what you enjoy.