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Ouija Boards
Fact or Fiction?

A great debate has arisen over the last century. Is the ouija board in actuality a device used to contact the dead, or is it just an innocent game? The ouija board itself has come under fire by uptight conservative religious groups, being blasted as a "tool of the devil". Whatever the case may be, the ouija board has certainly had its share of attention. Those who have used it have claimed to gain insight into their very own future, using the information obtained from the ouija board to positively influence their lives. Other have claims malicious attacks by unknown and unseen entities as a result of using the board. The ouija board is used during seances, parties, and individual use. It comes in a variety of shapes, designs and languages. Throughout the late 1800's and early 1900's, during the international Spirituality craze, the ouija board had become a common household item. Whether you believe in its power or not, you can not deny the impact the ouija board has had on modern spiritual culture.

A History Of The Ouija Board

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