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A little about me...''OhioAngel'' *Grin*
I'm from Ohio, Single, Old enough to know better *Grin*
Yep, have a sense of humor *lol*
Hmmmmm, Yep Caring, sharing & trusting! *S*
No I didn't have to think long about that Hmmmm,
or did I ? *lol* I'm 5'5, 150#, long dark brown hair,
blue eyes that change to shades of green...
''Don't ask me why''
use your imagination. *lol*
Love writing poetry, Love dancing,
I'm a great fisherman, or is that fisherlady *lol*,
can bate hooks and all! *S*,
Did I say I had a sense oh humor? *lol*
Love designing web pages
and I'm very good at all I do!
or I don't do it!!! *LMAO* ;-)
I learn & grow with every new day!
My Angelic work *S*
Run three homes for Disabled Adults!
Nope I have no open beds right now! *lol*
If you want to know more,
You'll have to ask me in person..*S*


Year 2000 & 2001 Pics of Me, (Cyn),(OhioAngel)!!! *S*

Picture 2002 *Smiling* at You!

I treat people, as I would like to be treated
Shouldn't You?

Some of my favorite Links

~Love Will~ Find A Way, Maybe One Day

My daughter Annie & Me

My Son Jerry & Family *S*

My Daughter Holley, Children & Friends

Ken, ~My Angelic Friend~

My Special friend, "Ron" ...*Smiling*

Many Backgrounds here!

Many Business Animations Here!!!

Favorite Links
Internet Friends

Just ask My friend,
would love to add you! :)

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My Heart...
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