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The Ministry of Natural Resources reminds hunters they can apply for the Antlerless Deer Draw by telephone. "Applying by telephone makes it easy for hunters to purchase their Resident's Deer Licence and enter the Antlerless Deer Draw," said Natural Resources Minister John Snobelen.

Accredited hunters should have ready a valid hunting version Outdoors Card number, a valid Visa or Master Card number, and a choice of Wildlife Management Unit(s) (WMU) before calling 1-800-288-1155.

"While the telephone licensing system is more convenient for both hunters and the ministry, applicants may still purchase a licence in person at any licence issuing outlet, and submit a paper application to the draw if they wish," said Mr. Snobelen. The telephone licensing system allows hunters to apply from a Touch-Tone or rotary dial telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week until July 31.

Hunters applying by this convenient method should follow the instructions on page 24 of the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary or wait for the telephone application brochure which will be mailed to many Ontario deer hunters in early July. The brochure will provide step-by-step instructions for completing an application.

Also, Ontario hunters may still purchase their Resident's Deer Licence or Farmer's Deer Licence at any of the ministry's hunting licence issuer outlets. These licences will be available in early July. Hunters will require a valid hunting version of the Outdoors Card before being allowed to purchase a deer licence. The application form for the Antlerless Deer Draw is attached to the paper licence. Hunters should complete the attached application form and mail it to the address on the back of the application. MNR must receive the completed form by 4:30 p.m. (EDT) Friday July 31, 1998.

I know it's a little tough thinking about next fall's big game hunts when the weather is 85 degrees and the fishing is happenin' but..... you only have until the end of the month to enter into the antlerless deer lottery draw. If you fail to apply for the draw, it doesn't mean you cant hunt whitetails in Ontario. It just means that you will only be allowed to kill something with horns. The antlerless draw is for does and fawns. Like I said before, it is no guarantee that you will get an antlerless tag by applying, you merely get a chance at one randomly. Some WMU's (Wildlife Management Units) have more hunters applying for the number of tags being given out. In such cases, you chances are less than 100%. The provincial average is still up around 60%. Check your hunting regs summary book for specific WMU tag numbers.

This year as with last, hunters may purchase their deer licences and enter into the antlerless draw over the telephone. It is an automated system for touch tone and rotary dial phones. (I am not sure if the rotary phones will work, I cant imagine how they would but the MNR says use them too.... there ya go!) I used the phone in system last year and it worked for me... I drew a tag even!

If you hunted last year, you should have received an instruction package in the mail. If you didn't, thats why I am here. The toll free number is 1 800 288 1155. Now before you call, be aware of a few things you should have ready. You will need your "OUTDOORS CARD" (hunting version) number. You will be asked to select a WMU number and a second choice WMU number. You will be asked for your VISA or Mastercard number including expiry date. Have all that stuff out before you call. Follow the instructions and in the end, wait for your authorization number. Record that number on something. Easy Stuff! It really is.

Last year, when I entered my Outdoor card number, the voice prompted me to hang up and call some other number. I did, got a real live person and they just wanted to verify my postal code because they didn't have one with my address. Wow! Seems like they have things on the ball with this card thing! After I talked with "Mr Real", I called the 1 800 number thingy and away I went, no prob. Of course, if you are afraid of telephones or voice message systems you still have the option of purchasing your hunting licence filling out the application and mailing it in.

There are a couple of changes that you should be aware of before striking out on the hunt plans. There are a few boundary changes to some WMU's. Affected are WMU 68, 78A, 78C, 78E, 79A 79B, 80A, 80B, 87A, 87E, 88, 94A and 94B. If you hunt in or near these WMU's, contact the MNR office nearest it and find out what the changes are and if they will affect you. The telephone system will work until just before NOON on the 31 of July.

One other item that came with the info package was the updated WMU list and seasons. I couldn't find a season listing for WMU 93 (Lambton Co, etc) for bow season. I know there is a season, its in the regs summary. Maybe I am blind (prob the reason I missed that 6 point buck last fall) or the MNR had an oooops oversight. Regardless, 93 is available for antlerless bow hunt tags under the lottery system.

For controlled shotgun/ muzzle loader hunts, your applications will not work with the phone system. You have to use the old call for, get, fill out and return system. The deadline for controlled hunts is the end of August.

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