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Our Ancestors

This page contains information researched and compiled by our cousin Glenn P. Ory in an effort to make relationships clearer and more concise. Thank you Glenn for all your hard work!

Glenn P. Ory
of Stafford, Texas

This is an attempt to solve the puzzle of which children of NICOLAS ORY were born to ANNA STRASSBACH and which were born to CHRISTINE. Also I will attempt to add a surname to CHRISTINE.

In J. Hanno Deiler, 'The Settlement of the German Coast of Louisiana', the children of NICOLAS ORY and ANNA STRASSBACH are listed as:

I do not know Deiler's source for this data.

In Volume II, 'Spain in the Mississippi Valley, 1765-1794', edited by Lawrence Kinnaird, the list of German and Acadian families include NICOLAS ORRE and wife CHRISTINE with the following children:

The estimates of date of birth can be made from the Spanish Records which lists the age of each person on 24 Oct 1769. These are as follows:


The one name that is obviously the same in both lists is MATHIAS or MATHIEU. In several documents he states that he is the son of NICOLAS ORY and ANNA STRASSBACH.


Probably Deiler's MAGDALENA ORY. No data.


From the JACOB genealogy by Shirley C. Terrio, Les Voyageurs, Vol. II, MARIE EVE OCMANNE (HOFMAN) married JEAN BAPTISTE ORY, son of NICOLAUS ORY and ANNA STRASSBACH of Frederic County, Maryland, in 1781. (SJB Bk 1, p 15) JEAN BAPTISTE ORY is probably the JEAN in the Spanish Records, and the JOHANN of Deiler. Deiler states that JOHANN ORY married 1781 EVE HOFMANN. JEAN BAPTISTE ORY was buried 11 Nov 1812, age 56(SMI-8, 12). Calculating from this date, JEAN was born in 1756, the same as the Spanish Record calculation.

JEAN BAPTISTE ORY married second BARBARA TIRCUIT, daughter of FRANCISCO TIRCUIT and BARBARA BURSUA(BOURGOIS), on 24 Sep 1797. Listed in Second register of Ascension Catholic Church (ACS-2, 76). In the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Vol. II, he is listed as JUAN, and the grandparents of three of the children are listed as NICOLAS ORY and ANNA STRASBACH.

I received from Barbara Brady O'Keefe of Miami, FL, a copy of the STRASSBAUGH genealogy that she has compiled. ANNA STRASSBAUGH was the daughter of NICHOLAS STRASSBAUGH and was born about 1719 somewhere in Northcentral, Europe. Barbara O'Keefe lists the spouse of ANNA STRAUSBAUGH as NICHOLAS URY. ANNA is listed as having died before 1757, possibly in Frederick County, MD. If JEAN BAPTISTE ORY was born in November or December of 1756, then ANNA could possibly have died of child-bearing in late 1756.
Probably Deiler's BARBARA ORY. No data.
The above Strassbaugh Genealogy states ANNA died before 1757. This makes BARBE LOIS ORY the child of CHRISTINE MICHEL from the calculated date of birth using the Spanish records.
In Glenn Conrad's 'St. Jean Baptiste Des Allemands', on 28 Nov 1790, No. 1, there is a sale of the community property of JEAN GEORGE and his late wife, ELIZABETH AURRI(ORY). JEAN GEORGE is listed as a son-in-law of CHRISTINE MICHEL in the settlement of CHRISTINE's estate(see LOUIS ORY BELOW). ELIZABETH is the daughter of CHRISTINE.
In Glenn Conrad's 'St. Jean Baptiste Des Allemands', on 2 Jul 1789 there is a record of the public sale of the effects of the late CHRISTINE MICHEL, mother ofLOUIS AURI (ORY), widow of NICOLAS ORY. Two sons-in-law are also named, SIMON TREGRE and JEAN GEORGE. JEAN AURRI (ORY) is also listed as a buyer at the sale, and not as an heir of Christine. Neither of the two sons-in-law match the data in Deiler.
The 'Family of Nicolas Wichner', by Jacques L. Vicknair, Les Voyageurs, 1986, has MARIE MARGUERITE VICKNAIR, born ca. 1765, married to LOUIS ORY, son of NICOLAS ORY and CHRISTINA PAIFERNE on February 22, 1791. (SJB 1/146a). LOUIS ORY died 10 JAN 1800. (SJB 1/52) This agrees with the Deiler data.
It is from these two records that the surname of CHRISTINE can be speculated. I have made several attempts to find a CHRISTINE MICHEL in Pennsylvania/Maryland records with no results. I have just recently came across the PAIFERNE surname. Her name could have been CHRISTINE MICHEL PAIFERNE.
The youngest of the children, EVE is the daughter of CHRISTINE MICHEL. In Diocese of Baton Rouge, Vol. 3, a JEAN TRAGER is listed as the son of ANTOINE TRAGER and MARIE RILLS. The Paternal Grandparents are listed as SIMON TRAGER and MARIE EVE ORY. This is consistent with the listing of SIMON TREGER as a son- in-law in the parish records of the estate of CHRISTINE MICHEL. She is listed as MARIE EVE ORY.
Deiler states his daughter ELISE married JUAN GEORG. We saw above that JEAN (JUAN) GEORGE married ELIZABETH ORY. I have not found where Deiler got his info for this entry, I believe this name was mistaken for CHRISTINE MICHEL ORY, NICOLAS's second wife. Dieler did not know about CHRISTINE. This is also another record for the child ELIZABETH ORY to be the daughter of CHRISTINE MICHEL ORY. This listing of CHRISTINE as CHRISTINE MICHEL ORY enforces the surname CHRISTINE MICHEL PAIFERNE.
Deiler lists a CHRISTINE ORY, the wife of NIKOLAUS MANNHOFER, from Maryland. The Diocese of Baton Rouge lists a MARIE CHRISTINA HORRY, age 77 years and widow of NICHOLAS MALBROU, bur. 11 MAY 1796. This makes MARIE CHRISTINA born about 1719, a little younger then NICOLAS ORY.MISSING DOCUMENTS
2. Marriage of NICOLAS ORY and CHRISTINE.
3. Data on BARBE LOIS ORY.

Since this was written by Glenn, the 1775 Will of Nicolas Ory has surfaced and answered many of the questions posed above. Glen was on the right track and the Will just confirmed his suspicions. Again, thanks Glen!!

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