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Welcome to the On Time Feeders Home Page!
We at On Time Wildlife Feeders have pioneered a revolutionary wildlife feeder design that is now manufactured and available to you as the On Time Wildlife Feeder. Available at a price comparable to or below competitors, yet more advanced than anything else on the market. Each unit is hand crafted and tested, then
guaranteed in writing by its manufacturer for the lifetime of the original owner.

Our guarantee, the only one like it in the industry, is made possible by the feeder's construction - It's virtually indestructible. The timer housing is made of high-density heat treated aluminum, weighs only 4 pounds, yet is capable of withstanding 4000 pounds of pressure. In tests, it was run over by a truck and not damaged. It was also unphased by a shotgun blast, survived a 1000 foot fall from an airplane, and continued to distribute corn while being shocked with a 200,000 volt stun gun!

On Time's design eliminates many problems which are reported with other feeders on the market. It's clock is a rugged, easy to use 24 hour analog design, which eliminates the problems that sensitive digital clocks have. The electronic circuitry and clock are located on a polyurethane-lined chassis which slides in and out of the aluminum cylinder forming an air-tight chamber. This keeps them safe from dust, moisture, insects, and other animals. Our units are powered by inexpensive, light-weight AA batteries instead of bulky rechargeable batteries and solar panels. Our unprecedented battery life of up to 18 months is attributed to our amazingly efficient circuitry.

On Time has done what no one else had before - design and build a wildlife feeder that will truly last a lifetime. We are proud to say that our feeder will be the last feeder you will ever have to buy, guaranteed !

In the deep woods, with the stillness broken only by the blood pounding in your eyes, your breath catches in your throat as a whitetail buck pauses barely 30 feet from you, his heavy ten-point rack illuminated by the brilliant autumn sun.

Those moments don't just happen - you make them happen with careful planning and the best equipment on the market. On Time Wildlife Feeder is the best on the market today. It's a product that actually does what it says it will do, and you have our word on it -
for a lifetime !

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On Time Wildlife Feeders
110 E. Railroad Ave
Ruston, La 71270
Phone 318-255-1834
Fax 318-255-1101

Our feeder offers features that our competors can only dream of !

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Up to 120' Circular Spread
  • Adjustable 2 to 14 Second Run Time
  • Airtight and Watertight Cylinder
  • Theft-Resistant Hardware
  • Powered by AA Batteries
  • Easy To Maintain

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This page last updated on July 6, 2000