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OMILO Greek language and culture courses in GREECE

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Students Comments, Testimonials

Kalimera, Just to say thanks to you all for a super week's lessons with 'Omilo' on Syros in September. You have a really excellent group of teachers, each and every one, and you have managed to get the right mix: excellent grammar teaching with fun and lots of talking. The 'proof is in the pudding' as we say in English and I was able to have a pleasant conversation with the taxi driver when I left for the airport. Bye for now fellow teachers & see you again soon I hope. (Jane, UK)


Geia sas paidia!! Ti kanete?? Just few lines to give you few news of mine I got my official greek certificate!! Yes! well, its the first level, but I past it with LIAN was a big satisfaction and now Im looking forward to do the next level;-) Then ..I joined a very special forum of Italian people who are crazy for Greece meeee.. And of course I spoke about la mia bellissima esperienza con beautifull experience with Omilò probabily next year some more italians will join your school;-) Well, I hope everyone is fine there, I hope you enjoyed your summer and you re ready for the new season of lessons. I miss you very very much, looking forward to see you soon Sas stelno polla Xeretismata kai mia fotografia apo tin Bolonia.. Ciao a tutti! Paola, ITALY


Hello, just wanted do thank you one more time for the great time I had in Athens. The lessons and the impression of Athens gave me back the "kick" that I used to have concerning learning the Greek language. At the airport I bought a tour guide of the region of Ipiros (if that transcription is correct), a book in greek with approx. 1.000 pages, in order to prepare my next holiday trip to Parga. Please say hello and thanks to Marina and Dora. (Walter, Austria)


Goede morgen, Het was wel even aanpassen na een hele week ondergedompeld te zijn geweest in de Grieks taal en cultuur. Ik heb er in ieder geval van genoten en het is zeker vatbaar voor herhaling. Op jullie advies was ik vorige zondag in het Frissiras Museum en heb er het gratis concert bijgewoond georganiseerd ter gelegenheid van de internationale open museumdag. Zeer geslaagd, mooie omkadering en prachtige songs gebracht door zangeres Savina Giannatou, zelfs met een paar fragmenten jabbertalk. Een mooie afsluiter. (Emiel, Belgium)


Gia sas koritsia mou! Ola kala stin douleia, mit den Kunden spreche ich schon zum Teil auf Griechisch, und die freuen sich immer richtig mit mir mit weil das so gut funktioniert. ;-) Zu hause bin ich auch immer fleißig beim lernen... ihr fehlt mir echt schon, die Zeit bei euch werde ich nie vergessen... Echt nicht. Großes Kompliment nochmal an euch alle - ihr ward wirklich spitze und ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt bei euch. Vielen Dank noch mal und grüß mir die Mädels. Schönes Wochenende nochmal. filakia (Melanie, Austria)


Hello, how are you doing? It was such a great time on Syros, I enjoyed it so much and I made real improvements in Greek language. Such a pity that I cant continue speaking Greek in Frankfurt. It would help so much.. Instead of complaining Im making plans for my next stay in Greece. Do you have already the schedule for 2009? Have a nice time and never forget that a blue sky is a gift, only some people share........... Rose from Frankfurt under grey clouds


Dear Omilo Team! Warm greetings from Finland although the forecast for tomorrow is 12 C, with rain and the possibility of thunderstorms... Thank you very much for the Greek newsletter! Knowing that it needs plenty of work from you, I am very grateful receiving it, once again. And I am sure that I am not the only one feeling that way ;) Your newsletters really are something special: they teach us Greek, give information about Greece and, besides, are entertaining! Regards, (Seppo, FINLAND)


Dear Maya and Dimitris, Many thanks for your newsletter. I found all of it interesting: rising food prices, illegal female immigirants on Mt. Athos, marriages of gay people. Please keep me on your mailing list. All during the spring I thought long and hard about coming to Greece for the summer, [and also doing Greek lessons on Syros], but what finally deterred me from coming was the very disadvantageous and incrementally worsening exchange rate between the Euro and the Dollar. Maybe "tou xronou". I'm sad about this because I sorely miss Greece, and without practice my Greek is getting rusty. I hope you are both well, and that somehow OMILO is weathering the economic hardships. warm greetings, and please keep in touch, (Bill , USA)


Dear friends, Well here we are, back to normal live again. We want to THANK you so much for the great time we had in Syros. I wish we could do this in greek but my computer hasn't got the greek alfabet, sorry..haha ! We're going to try and study more greek at home and hopefully return for another course next year. Please say hello to Konstadinos and Dora and all the other students which are still at Syros, and Theresa of course. Thanks again for everything, hope to see you next year. "CHARIKA POLI, STO KALO" !!!! (Mary-Lou and Rianne, THE NETHERLANDS)


I really enjoyed my trip to Greece this spring, and can't wait for the next one! The course was great, I learned a lot. Now I need to digest it all! Should be back for an Omilo course either 2009 or 2010. Take care and have a great summer in sunny Greece! (Chantal, FRANCE)


Dear friends, Kalimera sas!! I'm attaching some photos from our trip to Greece. We thank you all for the wonderful memories, and cannot imagine a nicer group with whom to have spent two weeks studying Greek. We hope you are having a wonderful summer! Fondly, (Violette and James, USA)


Dear Omilo teachers and friends, Unfortunately I will be depending on the courses offered by the Greek Orthodox Church in Indianapolis USA for my Greek lessons from now on. As always there is never a good time to say good bye and never a good time to leave a country you love. In our case Greece felt like a home away from home and we all miss it dearly. From a long distance I wish all of you the very best, good lessons, great students and good times. Whoever I meet and is interested in learning Greek in a wonderful setting always get my warmest recommendation for your school. With fond memories I look back on a lot of courses. Big kiss to all of you (Linda, The Netherlands)


Het waren weer reuze geslaagde Syros-weken. Alles is opperbest verlopen: de sfeer, de echt wel zeer goede lessen van Konstantinos, Dora en Dimitris en ook het logement. Wij nemen al een optie voor alles voor volgend jaar! Wij hebben dit jaar een hele pak bijgeleerd. De leerstof was zeer interessant en we hebben ons geen minuut verveeld, integendeel. Nu thuis nog eens alles verwerken! We wensen jullie allemaal kalo xeimona! Doe onze groeten aan het ganse team, en voor iedereen het allerbeste. We horen het wel als de planning voor volgend jaar klaar is! Heel veel groetjes, (Paula en Frans, BELGIUM)


Dear Omilo-Team! I hope you all spend a nice summer and wonderful holidays! I am very sad to inform you, that I will not be able to join the lessons this Winter. I want to thank you for the great time in Omilo! I learned many things about the greek language and about Greece as a country and I found many new friends! I hope to join you again one day! Greetings also to Dora and Konstantinos (they were great teachers) and to Maya and Christina!!! I will miss the whole team and the nice atmosphere in your school! Many Kisses, (Aileen, GERMANY)


Kalimera, It's Helen from Canada. How are you? I am back in Canada now -- it's a little strange being here after 2 months in Greece (and 10 months traveling), but what can you do. I guess I have to start looking for a job now, right? Yuck!! Finally, I just wanted to tell you that I really, really enjoyed my time in Syros. Demitris, Dora and Constantinos were great teachers, and I feel like I learned a lot! I have a couple of Greek-challenged second cousins (who are half Greek), and I will definitely recommend the program to them! Take care, (Helen, CANADA)


Dear everyone, As promised here the photographs I took during my stay with you in Maroussi. I really loved the excellent lessons from both my excellent teachers, they taught me an awful lot with the result that I feel much more confident now! A hug for all of you! Willem, THE Netherlands


I am back in my cold and wet Canada. Time flies! I am very happy with this whole Greek experience on the island of Syros, it has been really wonderful, I'm so lucky! Also wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the movie "politiki kouzina". This is what I call a real "feel-good" movie! So again, thank you very much for the birthday-gift. (Chantal, Canada)


(Jean-Paul, France)

I enjoyed very much the stay and courses in Syros, meeting very interesting "simmathites" and "daskales". On top of that, I thank you for the very friendly and cheerful atmosphere both of you have maintained. Now, I will exercise my progresses as next week I start my greek lessons here at home

(Els, the Netherlands)

Was het maar waar, dat ik nog steeds door Griekenland zwierf!!.Wat heerlijk zo�n twee weken intensieve cursus : niets anders aan je hoofd te hebben dan de Griekse taal. Ik heb er zeer van genoten en zal zeker ook nog eens terug komen.

(Roga, Deutschland)

Draussen ist ein so scheussliches Wetter, dass es richtig gut tut, sich an die schoenen Tage in Limni erinnern zu koennen. Es war fuer mich ein ganz schoenes Erlebnis, mit euch zusammen in Limni dieses Osterfest zu feiern, hat echt tiefe Eindruecke hinterlassen. Und ich moechte mich nochmals bei Euch ganz herzlich bedanken.


( Mercedes, Mexico)

Muchas cosas bellas me ha dido la vida, unas de ellas , ha sido venire a Grecia y conocer a personas tan valiosas como son Maya y Dimitris.

Reciban mi afecto, admiraciόn y deseos de Exito para todo lo que hagan.


(Rose, Germany)

�This is just to thank you both so much for a wonderful time in Nafplion. You worked so hard and we all did enjoy it tremendously ! I would also like to thank you for organizing accommodation , travel details, etc�


(Frans & Jos,  Netherlands)

Wij kijken nog steeds met heel veel plezier en heimwee terug op de heerlijke en leerzame weken die we bij jullie mochten doorbrengen. Frans had na zeven weken Griekenland echt even tijd nodig om weer te wennen aan Den Haag�


(William, U.S.A)

I look back fondly on the language course in Nafplio. Both instructors were top-notch and I could easily have stayed there for another month of more of the same. I have a very high regard for the program you put together and the high class work you all do. Thanks again. Please keep me on your mailing list. If my schedule permits next year, I�d love to come back.


(Tom and Paula, U.K.)

Thank you for all you have done for us. I enjoyed the course very much and found it very useful. The pension Vateri was wonderful and the ambiance with the course members excellent!


(Knut, Norway)

We are going to be in Athens from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning, so if you can find time I would be delighted to see you for a meal or a coffee and a chat. I had such a rewarding time with you last year, it would be good to see you again!



(Holger, Deutschland)

Moechte mich bei Euch und dem Omilo Team Dora und Marina fuer den Kurs und die Organisation der verschiedenen Aktivitaeten bedanken. Es war wieder ein sehr schoener Urlaub in Griechenland.


(Blanca, Spain)

Yiassas, ti kanis?

I�m at home, working��..normal life again. �Avti einai i zoi�!

I enjoyed in Syros and I think I learned a lot with you. Now, I;m looking for a private greek teacher in Barcelona. I want to go ahead and improve my Greek quickly.

Efxaristo!, Yia sas

(Flore, Belgium)

Eimai i Flore pou ekane to mathima masi sas to kalokairi sto Nafplion. Elpizo na eiste kala! I am writing this message to see how you are doing and t tell you that I received my results from my Marie Haps (language school) of my second year test.....I received 80%. I am very happy. I will begin the third year in two weeks and will complement it with another Omilo course. A friend of Nicolas got a shock when she heard me speak Greek. I owe most of this to your patience and the excellent classes we had.
Polla filia apo tous duo mas.


(Doris, Germany)

I would like to thank you again for the wonderful time in Athens and the very professional language lessons you have provided for us. As I liked it so much in Greece, my husband and I have decided to spend another holiday in Greece in September.


(Lydia, Belgium)

Gisteravond heb ik geboekt voor de zomervakantie. Van 16 juli tot 30 julibestemmingOmilo-Athene. Echt waar ! Ik kom terug. Ik heb een fantastische paasvakantie gehad en vond de Griekse lessen gewoonpoli orea�. Ik mis jullie allemaal !


(Adela, Italy)

Τι κάνετε; Ελπίζω να είναι όλα καλά. Εγώ δεν μπορώ να ξεχάσω τις καλές μέρες που πέρασα εκεί, στο Ναύπλιο, είναι σαν ένα καλό όνειρο!!!!

Σας ευχαριστώ για όλα που κάνατε για να είμαστε καλά και το πετύχατε πολύ καλά�



(Sonja, Austria)

Thanks a lot for the info about the new classes, however, I will not be able to take part, as I am going back to Austria mid-October. I will however recommend OMILO to anyone I know who is looking for language classes, as I believe you are offering perfect quality, efficient courses in a super-friendly environment !


(Tinka, Sweden)

I am okay again and I have almost adjusted to my life at home. Thanks a lot for a truly wonderful time in Nafplion! Your teachers are just excellent, giving us a lot of good grammar practice and challenges of conversation. It was a very nice group this year too and many laughter and jokes could be heard among us. I felt really cherished by everyone when I was ill�.


(Albane, France)

Merci pour ces quelques semaines de cours aucours des quelles tr�s vite je ne me sent pas seulement �l�ve mais comme l�invit�, l�ami d�une grande famille


(Γιάννης, Γερμανία)

Ευχαριστώ πολύ για τις δύο τέλεια οργανωμένες εβδομάδες. Χάρηκα πολύ που γνώρισα τους συμπαθητικούς γονείς του Δημήτρη.


(Sylvia, Germany)

Ευχαριστώ πολύ ! I enjoyed my time in Athens very much, with all the different nationalities, the wonderful atmosphere and, of course, the language school.



(Fujiko, Japan)

Thank you very much. I indeed had wonderful days here with OMILO. I will never forget these day ! I wish to come again.



( Andrew, U.S.A.)

Το OMILO ήταν ακριβώς αυτό που έψαχνα για τις διακοπές μου. Οι καθηγήτριες ήταν εξαιρετικές .


(Kristin, Deutschland)

Oft habe ich an Dich und Deine Familien gedacht, komme aber erst heute zum Schreiben, um Dir nochmals ganz herzlich fuer diese so schoene Zeit in Limni zu danken. Die Wahl des Ortes, die Wahl der Unterkunft, die Gestaltung des Sprachkurses, ueberhaupt des Tagesablaufes waren super und die Organisation perfekt. Die Ausfluege (besonders nach Delphi), das gemeinsame Essen in den Tavernen, deine geduldige Bereitschaft uns ueber das taegliche Leben in Griechenland zu erzaehlen und ueberhaupt Dein Entgegenkommen werde ich nicht vergessen.


(Linda, U.S.A.)

Thank you so much for an experience of a lifetime ! It worked out so great for me to be able to include my family and have my children take lessons also. The two of you are exceptional people � really special. It has been an honour to have met you. Thank you for your knowledge and patience�


(Mieke, Belgium)

Goeie voormiddag ,

Reeds dit: ................. ik heb de laatste jaren nooit nog zo gelachen als de week in Nafplion. De humor in combinatie met de intensieve cursus, de internationale contacten, en de gezellige maaltijden waren voor mij fantastisch.
een korte evaluatie van de week taalcursus te Nafplion:
- internationaal gezelschap was interessant en aangenaam;
- voor mij als ondernemer was het ontspannend eens niet organisatorisch verantwoordelijk te zijn;
- Dimitris was organisatorisch zeer goed, was elke minuut begaan met elke deelnemer, en begaan met de kwaliteit van de taalcursus;
- Ankie was voor ons groepje de ideale taallerares, als we moe werden, slaagde ze er telkens in om ons met humor bij de les te houden;
- ze is een opgewekte en levenswijze dame; dat gebruikte ze op een verrassende manier in haar taallessen;
- vanaf de eerste lesdag werd inzicht gegeven in de Griekse grammatica, lessen werden inzichtelijk en systematisch opgebouwd;
- ik heb ervaren dat taalcursus in een Griekse omgeving veel beter is dan in een Belgische omgeving; zelfs voor beginnelingen zit het in kleine details zoals de sleutel vragen in het hotel, het kamernummer zeggen - er was een goed evenwicht tussen groepsactiviteiten en individuele tijd;
- zeer goed handboek!
Voor mij is deze taalcursus van hoge kwaliteit, zo ook de omkadering, het publiek, het lerarenteam.
Het enige minpunt: de woordenschat zou ook systematisch en bewust kunnen opgebouwd worden; zeker voor starters die amper drie woorden kennen. Maar daar werd misschien in de tweede week wel aan gewerkt.

Tot mails,


(Gisela, Germany)

Agapiti philoi stin athina,
Elpizo oti eiste oloi kala.Meta ta mathimata sti syro perasa orees meres sti sifno.Tora ime pali sti germania kai apascholoumai me ta kathimerina,kano ti nikokiria kai ta loipa. Apo tin ellada ephera merika biblia, kai otan echo kairo, diabazo ellinika.Skopeuo na kano tou chronou pali mathima sto azolimno.Ta mathimata phetos itan teleia gia mena. Pollous chairetismous gia olous, me agapi, Gisela

(Anna, Switzerland)

Γειά σας όλα τα παιδιά Ομιλω.  Μέραασα μια εβδομάδα θαυμάσια στην Σηρο, ελπίζω οτί του χρόνου στο σχολείο μου δίνουν άδεια να κάνο 2 εβδομάδες. Σας στέλνω μέρικες φωτογραφίες και χαιρετίσματα σε όλους σας


(Judith, Germany)


 thanks a lot for your E-Mail - I wish to be there.....I�m missing all, you, the nice food, the language, the sea..... I hope to come back soon.

 My best wishes to all my nice teachers!!!! See you


 (Anna-maria, Finland)

Γεια σας Maya και Δημήτρη!

 Ευχαριστώ για τη γράμμα και χαιρετήσματα από τη Φινλανδία! Πέρασα πολύ καλά στην Αθήνα στο κουρ σας και it probably gave me the incentive to travel again more in Greece. Thanks to your course I was more able to speak with people στα ελληνικά και I enjoyed it a lot.

 Hopefully I'll have the chance to come to your courses in the near future.


(Sylvie, France)

Hello Maya and Dimitris,

Two months ago I was with you in Syros. I wanted to write you to thank you for the happy days in Syros. It was a good experience for me and everybody was so kind. It was short for me but very interesting. This is the best way to learn. I�m also happy because I have two new friends from OMILO. We spent happy funny times together. Anyway, I hope to see you again one day. Say hello to Marina and Kostas too.



(Eric and Annemie, Belgium)

Voreerst willen we jullie vertellen hoezeer we genoten hebben van de taalstage of Syros! Eric gaat vaak heel fanatiek om met taal studeren en alles wat met Griekelenland te maken heeft, dus vor hem was het een 300% geslaagde veertiendaagse! Ikzelf ben niet direct zo'n echte student, maar het concept was op mijn maat gesneden. voor mezelf weet ik dat ik de eerste twee dagen bij Dimitris tijdens de les geen woord kon uitbrengen van pure stress. Op het einde voelde ik weinig of geen stress meer, dus ook voor mij een geslaagd experiment.
Eric stuurt jullie ook vele "dansgroetjes"!

Last up-dated 15/10/2008
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