Kurt Kaos

Character Name: "The American Hero" Kurt Kaos

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 220 pounds

Alignment: heel

Wrestling Style: Grecko-Roman/Freestyle wrestling

Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas

Theme Music: Stars and Strips Forever

Appearance: a very strong muscular man that is fairly built for his size. He has short brown hair so that it stays out of his eyes when he wrestles. He wears different "American" designed tights to the ring when he wrestles.

Background: Kurt is the twin brother of Krissy Kaos. Kurt is the younger of the two, having been born only a 3 minutes apart. The two of them always competed with each other all through out high school! Most of the time it was over grades, dates, and who was better at sports! Kurt was a High School All American at Corpus Christi High School. The University of Texas had been scouting Kurt since his freshman year, and they got the chance to sign him and they did! All through out College, Kurt trained to become an Olympic hopeful, but due to a cramp he got before his try out he failed to make the team! Instead of drowning his self in his sorrows, he went to Europe after his four years at the University of Texas at Austin. He trained in Greece as well as Italy so that he could define his wrestling skills! He cut the training shot due to his father passing away rather unexpectedly! He rushed back to the USA and attended the funeral. He later found out that his older sister, Krissy, was in a pro-wrestling federation by the name of Bayou Wrestling Association, or BWA as it is commonly known by. He's vowed to make the life of his sister and the life of Crippler a living hell!

Attitude/Gimmick: A very cocky wrestler that is very quick minded when in the ring! He's always ahead of his opponent when wrestling on the mat! He does lose a little something when the match takes to the air! He knows he's good, and he is always willing to show that he knows exactly what he is doing in the ring at all times!

Finisher: Stars and Strips

Finisher Description: Reverse Fireman carry take over

10 Favorite Moves:

1. Belly to back suplex

2. Belly to belly suplex

3. Over head suplex

4. Cross body from the top rope

5. Drop Kick

6. Dragon sleeper

7. German Suplex

8. Northern Lights suplex

9. Reverse arm bar

10. Monkey flip