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< ~*Natalie's MMMBopin' Hanson Page!*~ Sorry but you need a frames capable browser to view this site. Try going <a href=""> HERE </a> for some of the linx and remeber HANSON ROX!!!!!

Some of the linx might take a while to load but they will show up and whoever TRIED to erase everything I had.....I don't care because guess what....I have everything saved to my computer so whoever erased my stuff can kiss my........... Just click the down arrow on the things above and you will get the linx. I don't feel like putting the title's in them again because thy got erased.

Sorry that this pageis kinda dull but I am learning some new stuff so I will put up some new stuff soon.

Note: I will not be putting up a new guestbook because not that many people like to sign them anymore so there is no point. Also, if anyone still wants to become partial owner of this site e-mail me.

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