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Well what can I say except through the last three summers at msub I've met some people who will leave me with a lifetime of memories. I'm sorry if I am missing a pic of someone, it either means I don't have one or it's because I'm not finished scanning all of the ones I do have, be patient and I'll get there.: ) If you have one you want scanned to be put up just mail it to me. e-mail me for my address. The first couple pictures are from my first summer *97* It was probably my favorite of the three. I'll remember all the times Jeremiah and Evers kept me laughing. There were a couple people who went both summers, Evers, Melissa, Shawna, Joseph, and Casey. Casey was my roommate both summers, until she skipped out on me and went home after about 2 weeks. : ) But that's okay I understood. Well I'll quit rambling and just let you see the pictures now.....

this is Jeremiah, he meant a lot to me as one of my best friends that summer.

Eric and Casey together outside one night.

Well this is a group of us in the lobby of the dorms not much else to say about it really : )

This is this past summer *98* I have more pics from this one.....

Bugs yummy...! Most of us tried them but some were to chicken to. Mainly it was some type of worms and crickets.

One of the few times it rained this summer unlike the one before where it rained nearly everyday.