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This knowledge has come from many places on tha net and from many FOLK$ if thee is anything you do not agree with ere then just disregard it !!

Pitchfork 1. Mind 2. Body 3. Soul

3 Codes of Conduct 1.FOLKS before family 2.I will not let my brother fall to a knee 3.All is One N.U.T.S.= Niggaz Under The Six F.O.L.K.S.= Follow Our Lord & King Satan (Satins Disciple) F.O.L.K.S.= Follow Our Last Kings Steps (Hoover FOLKS) H.O.Y.A.=Hoovers On Your Ass R.A.I.D.E.R.S.=Ruthless Ass Insane Disciple Everywhere Running Shit D.U.K.E.=Disciple Everywhere Utilizing Knowledge 5 p's Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance 3 c's Cool Calm Collective 6 n's No Notorious Niggas Never Need Nothing 6 b's Black Bad Blue Brothers Born Banging 3 l's Look Listen Learn 3 g's Gangsta Gladiator Gunslinger 3 p's Pimp Player Pusher 3 d's Dedication Determination Discipline 4 t's Take Time To Teach The 12 Codes and There Meanings: 1. The pitchfork gives us the power to overcome all obstacles. 2. Heart is the love we have for our nation. 3. The sword is death before dishonor. 4. Wings is the rising and spreading of our nation. 5. Devil's tail represents third world. 6. Horns represent strength and wisdom. 7. Flames represents our everlasting love. 8. 78 represents the year our chairman was crowned. 9. 6-point star gives us everlasting life. 10. Teardrops represents the blood shed that made our nation strong. 11. B.O.S. represents the incarcerated members of this organization. 12. Crown represents our chairman. G.D. Prayer's All G.D.ís's must use the knowledge on the six point star, 360 base on the life we believe and the love we have for one another. Wisdom is what we use to grow knowledge on the six point star on our nation flag. In order to be real you must be willing to appear in front of Larry Hoover. G.D.íS's are strong inside we pump blue we donít lie we are honest we are true whoís the killer me or you throw the pitchforks in the air run up on us if you dare when we die put us to rest tell King Hoover we did our best. Now I lay me down to rest with a six point star across my chest if I die before I wake bury me in my G.D.íS state with two hooks in the state of rest and two pitchforks across my chest tell King Hoover I did my best. As I pray to God and all the best, when I am dead and gone tell my folks to put me to rest. I will leave this earth so let things be well, I am a loyal folk in heaven or hell. Life on this earth was evil to me, so when I lay down just let me be and when I am in my grave just put me to rest with a six pointed star and two shotguns laid upon my chest. When I die show no pity Bury my bones in the G.D.íS city Pile two pitch forks across my chest And tell King Hoover I did my best. The night I was born FOLK$ was the night that I died. As my brethren cast my body into the lake of fire in knowledge I was with my nation by my kings blessed. With a pitchfork in my hand and a 6 on my chest. Others wll speak my name and will speak my nation in the same breath. Enimies will speak my name and know the name of death. I live by the the nations laws die by disciples creed. Loyal to the nation loyal to my breed. The day my flag falls then so dos my body fall. But my nation will always stand in the shine of the 6. All as one, one as all I look up and I see a full moon in the sky. I look around and see a 24 brick pyramid burning. I see a g sticking his pitchfork in Allahs eye. I close my eyes and I see the third world turning. I took davids hand to lead me, for I was blind. And he took me to the pit of snakes. He spoke to knowledge and showed me signs. And when he spoke I seen a burning lake. But my heart passed away, and now I'm led by mind. Following the footsteps of the real g's. Walkin behind tha roads wit tha gangsta stroll. Walking in 7 hundred and 20 degrees. Spread your wings and raise them high, g's and d's shall never die. Hold your six above your head, raise king david from the dead. The chairman hoover a king like him, about that struggle limb to limb. Hold firm grip to your sword, raise your pitchforks we're at war. Death before dishonor folks alive, about that six no love for five. Brothers of the struggle we have won, all ain't well but all is one. (IN LOVING MEMORIES) Please, with a powerful and unseen faith, with a meaning trust, and for the sake of loving memory, let us combine out hearts how have lost their lives in being part of out unions struggle ... a mere this is usually not enough to show tribute for the feelings that we have. We have when with this dedicated thought of you, our deceased we will carry you in out hearts for the peace that we have had in our daily lives. We feel you through the music we hear, we feel you through the things we see, we feel you through the things we see, we feel you through our conversation and most of all we have a hold on each others hearts. At times we have a picture in our hands, at times we have visions in our minds and at this time we pray that you be rested in your peace. In loving memories of ours, who REST IN PEACE. DISCIPLE D-divine knowledge I-individual love shared S-superior understanding C-common cause I-integrity P-purpose L-loyalty E-eternal devotion 7 Deadly Virtues 1. Envy 2. Jealous 3. Negativity 4. Lying 5. Cheating 6. Stealing 7. Adultery 7 Golden Virtues 1. Intelligence 2. Shrewdness 3. Kindness 4. Wisdom 5. Understanding 6. Knowledge 7. Loyalty G.D. Codes 720- Plenty Much Love 612- Folks love, Folks life 360- Pure knowledge 420- Divine love 421- Enlighten me 410- Folks in battle 66- Folks 44- Devil Disciples 77- Gangsta, Gangsta 31X51- Code of Arts 420 - Disciples in trouble 412 - Folks bounce 411 - Request for violation 409 - Be Alert 408 - Watch what you say 407 - Violation in progress 406 - Death Violation 405 - Violation of conduct 2-15-19 - B.O.S: Brothers Of the Struggle 6-15-12-11-19 - FOLKS 22-12-11 - VLK: Vice Lord Killer 211 - BK: Blood Killer P-187 - Piru Killer 16-11 - PK: People Killer The day David was shot King David and King Hoover were suppose to meet at this donutshop, but the Piru's found out and while King David was waiting on King Hoover to show up. The Piru's shot King David 5 times on the right side. When King Hoover showed up he saw King David had been shot ..... he gave King David the sixth shot so the Piru's couldn't take credit. The Days of the Disciple I express my love through every breath and shall stand on my six until my death. A pitchfork in my hand, a shield on my arm we unite as a nation and can not be harmed, the courage and love which is pain with pride if I die for my nation do not shed a tear the day of the disciple will come soon be hear. 3 minds Great mind: Discuss things. Mediocre mind: Discuss ideas. Small mind: Discuss people. 7 Colts of Armor Heart: The love I have for my FOLK$. Wings: To fly high for my FOLK$. Horns: The bravery I have for my FOLK$. Tail: Holy and diverse Pitchforks: Mind, body, and soul; power to overcome all obstacles Six point star: Love, Life, Loyalty, Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding Shield: Shelter for my FOLKS, the six point of David is the sign of our nation B.O.S.: It represents that there are six sides to everything instead of two, as we always have been taught by crossing right over left. I Pledge Folks = One Nation - All Is One 1) Silence- Discuss nothing with anybody except members. 2) Agreement- All Members must give their opinions on subjects. 3) Disrespect- No members of our nation or Family. 4) Lying- No member will be lied to by another member. 5) Laws- All members must know and practice all laws. 6) Help- If your brother is down all members must give a hand to back up no matter what. 7) Conduct- All members must act as a loyal member. 8) Head of Organization- Hoover & Staff. 9) Left Shoulder- Open & close meetings with prayer. The Big Six 1) I will not de disrespected nor let anyone degrade my nation. 2) When meeting with my folks I will show my love by our handshake or by stacking. 3) If ever confronted the code of silence is up to me, its my decision, don't have to prove anything. 4) I will not down grade any member of my nation or family member. 5) I must always be ready to speak my love to a preceding Set OG, Right Hand, Lit. Coordinator, and Prince. 6) I must always de a6le to uphold my six to the fullest at all times. Faith and Understanding: Faith and understanding of our nation. We claim fellowship to our nation, no fraud is allowed. We seek perfect brotherhood. Our movement is dreamless without sound or purpose. Honor dwells within our heart until our last breath. May all of our nation except our love and in return give their love which is a sign of loyalty. As you and other members of our nation follow the laws. May this teach others the importance of our movement. Strive in our struggle for education, economical, political, and social development. Which means: We want to have the same education, as much money, and be looked at the same as anyone else. Be treated the same , equal. We also want to hold political offices like anyone else. Six Body Parts Head Shoulders Elbows Heals together (All of these parts together equal your six points .) Newly Creed We are the future and pride of our shining star, as King David, we shall come as one and if we fail we shall not come at all. 360 Degreeís 3rd world, 6th generation, organization of gangsters. 720 Degreeís New Concept. We don't call our kings, kings anymore, we call them chairman. A chairman is the head of an organization. Six point star: the six point star is the star of King (chair) David, also the sign of our nation of Brothers of the Struggle. It represents there are six sides to everything instead of two as we always have been taught by crossing to our right. 1.Forks crossing = Everlasting folks nation. 2.Left fork = Strength to over come pressure. 3.Right fork = Our love of the heart we share and power. 4.Colors = Colors of Asia, black and blue, colors of our Nations Flag. Pitchforks PITCH FORKS = Power and the struggle to over come all obstacles. RIGHT FORK = Love, power, hate - were we are. LEFT FORK = Mind, body, soul - were we want to be. Creed Pledge: We believe in the teachings of our honorable chairman, in all laws and policies set forth by our chairman and executive staff in the concept and ideology of organization in aiding and assisting our brothers of the struggle and standing strongly upon our six points while writing wisdom knowledge and understanding. we strive in our struggle for education, economical, political development that we are a special group of folks with integrity and dignity. In the vision of our great leader and through his teachings we can become a reckoning power of folks beyond boundaries without measures. 360 Creed: As I stand alone in my darkest times with the pride of a true blue and black gangster with the power of the mind of the silver divine knowledge in the strength of my body as a man. As the purity of a G that is in my soul I not only believe in my self but in my grown FOLKS nation. 720 Creed: I agree to as long as I stand proudly under the blue sky to serve this glorious organization and its every cause aid and assist my fellow brothers of the struggle in our righteous endeavors. I will do that to help us both to reach our fullest potential as the organization grows. I know that I will, for our goals are inter-related. Positive organization produces productive people. That which we are, my every action and behavior, and attitude will vividly reflect the positive, dignified principle that he organization is built upon. I will never do anything that would cause embarrassment or disrespect to the integrity of our organization. Standing strongly upon our six points stand I shall utilize knowledge, wisdom and understanding as I strive in our struggle for education, economical, political, social development, I will learn, look, listen to anything that may be conductive toward the acceleration and never abandon our struggle, as in all struggles I realize that sacrifices must be made. I will not be selfish but for the sake of the preservation of the organization, I am willing to endure my share, I believe in the goal of the organization and its every honor, to aid and assist in our struggle for success. We are with a great leader. Together we shall see the vision. May his visions become our visions. For his visions are for us to grow into productive people with the consolidation and diligent efforts of everyone. Our visions will be manifested into reality. BOS Prayer: Looking out of he window as far as I can see all my BOS brothers standing around me. G.D.íS's and BD's has combined as we both unite our star will shine. King David he recruited gave the G strength on the street he recruited the D on the history of our G we will last forever, as the brother's of the struggle struggle together. We Pledge: We the brothers of the Struggle, pledging whole heartedly our Love, Life, and Loyalty have embraced the teachings of our Honorable Chairman. Our covenant will be to fully adhere to all teachings, laws, and policies set forth by the Chairman and Executive staff. The doctrines of our new concept will serve as a guiding light that shall forever be lit within our hearts and within our minds. This light shall serve as a constant reminder and motivating force within each of us. Also it will instill us dedication, determination, and discipline. 74 New Creed: We are the future pride and shining star, we must let our reflection shine. We must come as one, for if we fail to come as one then we shall not come at all. Death Pledge: I pledge by death to love the life I live with loyalty and respect. To shadow wisdom, which will provise 360 degrees of pure black knowledge to ourselves and understanding to anyone who seeks a betterment of this G.D.íS Nation. This I love, this I live, this I shall be. I pledge life before death and death before dishonor. I be G.D.íS Hoover Time Line -Hoover was born 1950 in Jackson, miss. Moves to Chicago at 4 yrs old.He was the oldest of four kids. -1964 he joined the Supreme Gangsters, a group of 50 older boys that controlled the blocks where Hoover lived at 68th and Green Hoover was 13 at the time. -1965 the first day as a sophomore Hoover got shot in the thigh at Francis Parker High School. This is what ended his school attendance. By his16th birthday Hoover had been shot 6 times, he also ended up leading the gang. -1967 King Cobras made a grab for his territory. Hoover one the battle and hundreds of Cobras flipped forming the Black Gangster Nation. -1969 to Hoover had about 5,000 soldiers, he met up with David Barkesdale and his 10,000 Devil Disciples which were at this feuding with Jeff Fort and Eugene Harrison of the Blackstone Rangers. Hoover and Barkesdale formed the Black Gangster Disciple Nation crowning themselves Kings. David first introduced Hoover to political activism. Hoover attended many rallies were the Vice Lords and Blackstone Rangers attended. Hoover started wearing a blue beret which the symbol of gang militants. Jeff Fort and the Rangers had already been wearing Red ones with grey pants that had a red stripe down the side. The gangs did this a part of resistance toward the police's massive crackdown on crime. Over the years the Blackstone Rangers lost strength because of misappropriation of Federal Funds. So the Rangers were the first to be Federally Investigated. So the BGD's became the Supreme Nation in Chicago. Hoover ran a basement headquarters dubbed the "underground" at 67th and Halstead, Hoover opened a crack house and sold marijuana, heroin and so on. He started dating Winndye Jenkins and hanging out with fellow gang member Wallace "Gator" Bradely and some night clubs called Guys and Gals and the Green Bunny.-1973 Hoover ordered the execution of William" Pooky " Young for stealing drugs out of one of the houses. Feb 26th about 8:pm Pooky was found shot 6times in the head. Hoover got picked up 7 months later for a traffic violation and received his 150-200 year long sentence. -1974 Feb 1st Hoover entered Statesville prison located 20 miles southwest of Chicago. Winndye was pregnant at the time of Hoover's imprisonment. There were already hundreds of Disciples locked behind bars so Hoover saw the potential for a new type of organization. In the same year King Davis was assassinated, Hoover then formed the Gangster Disciples and King Shorty formed the Black Disciples. -1978 Hoover had a work stoppage at Statesville, and for that he was transferred to Pontiac prison. He was also accused of the riot in Pontiac which left 3 guards dead and the commissary was looted and burned. He then started to establish guidelines for the Disciples behind bars. He began to hold secret meetings with the leaders of the Vice Lords, Latin Kings, El Rukns. This is were the FOLKS and PEOPLE nations formed out of. It was a way of organizing the smaller gangs under the big four. -1982 Hoover developed a "vision: among the Disciples. He wrote the 45pg manifesto called the "Blueprint" , while spreading his doctrine he changed the name of Gangster Disciples to Growth and Development. Using the title of Chairman rather than King, set up a Board of Directors for control of inside and outside the prison walls. During this time there was a early release programs that freed hundreds of Disciples back into the streets, this made the flow of communication unstoppable between streets and prison. Within the next 10 yrs the growth of the Disciples would grow to 30,000 -1987 Hoover was transferred to a minimum-security prison in Vienna. Itís the kind of prison that is fenceless. sort of like a college campus atmosphere. He went shopping in a nearby village, wore alligator skin loafers, had especially cooked food, and had a key to every door in the facility except for the one outside of course-1990 Hoover started 21st Century V.O.T.E. -1993 Promoted Greg"Shorty G"Shell to 2nd in command in the Board of Directors. Englewood based groups were mobilizing thousands of G.D.íS's in political protests on city hall, voter-registration drives, community cleanup. Hoover has referred to 21st Century VOTE as his "political action committee". In the fall he gave a pre-recorded speech to a picnic gathering of some10,000 G.D.íS members in rural Kankakee county. He backed a citywide gang "peace summit" in October of '93 as well as a range of community programs, from after-school sports to a gang"deactivation" project at the Englewood High School. -1994 By his request Hoover was transferred to a prison in Dixon. -1995 Aug 31st 3 carloads of Federal Agents arrested Hoover and flew to Meiggs field, at which time about 250 Federal Agents and police swept the south side arresting 38 of the top ranking G.D.íS members. -1997 May 9th Hoover was convicted of running the G.D.íS's from the prisons and received a life sentence without parole and he now resides in a Super-max Federal prison in Florence, Colorado.In 1967 Hoover History Hoover had formed the Black Gangster Nation from a battle he had with the King Cobras, were hundreds of Cobras flipped to Hoover's side. King David had already been running the Devil's Disciples which were at war with the Blackstone Rangers later called the P-stone nation after Fort developed the Board of Directors called the "Main-21". The Disciples and Rangers were the two biggest gangs in the city however the rangers had more power. They also received close to a million dollars in federal funding which was intended for the gangs to help the community, but instead used it to grow the organization bigger. In 1969 Hoover and David decided to form a alliance to further enhance he Gang's structure. This formation led to the Black Gangster Disciple Nation. David then took Hoover under his supervision and first introduced him to political activism. By this time the P-stone's were losing strength because the Feds were breaking them down because of the misfunding of the money. The hearings were all on T.V. So the BGD's became the Supreme force in Chicago, along with the Vice Lords and Latin Kings. When Hoover was locked up in '74 he first went to Statesville( keep in mind there were already hundreds of Disciples locked behind bars), Hoover then was transferred to Pontiac were it is suspected that he caused the riot there. It was in this same year that King Davis died, Hoover then formed his branch of Disciples the Gangster Disciples. Jerome"Shorty"Freeman formed the Black Disciples, which are made up of members of the original Devil's Disciples. This is why the G.D.íS's and BD's don't get along even though both run under the 6. After some time in Pontiac he began to have weekly meetings with the Vice Lord and Latin King leaders. It was in '78 in the Pontiac prison were the FOLKS and PEOPLE nations formed. Hoover incorporated the smaller gangs who would follow under the Disciples called F.O.L.K.S.( Follow and Obey Laws King Sets ) which is based off of the 16 Laws of the BGD's. the BD's adopt the FOLKS as ( Follow Our Leader King Shorty ) 21st Century V.O.T.E. (720) >6-points of 720>-Political >- Educational>-Economical>-Organization >-Unity>-Social Development>> >21st Century V.O.T.E. was developed by Hoover in 1990 as his political action >committee. The 6-points of V.O.T.E. are Total Commitment, Promptness, >Responsiveness, Accessibility, Communication, Legitimacy.> >Wallace"Gator"Bradley= former G.D.íS enforcer is Hoover's right hand man with >VOTE, has had meetings with the president and is a 3rd ward alderman. > >Patricia Hogan= Treasurer, Hoover's cousin>>Derrick Mcclain= Director for VOTE> >Dwayne Harris= President of Organization> >Winndye Jenkins= Hoover's common law wife. Involved in Save the Children's >foundation and other mother organizations.> >Tom Harris= spokesperson for VOTE and registered director of Jenkins mothers >organizations> >VOTE has been the driving force behind bringing gangsterism to a whole other >level. Hoover realized you can't shoot your way around forever so by >designing a political organization he could turn the system in on itself, by >registering thousands of gd's to vote as Hoover puts itís the 40% vote >within or community as he says on the Ghetto Boys album. VOTE has been >responsible for backing peace summits, after school sports, school >deactivation program, organized marches on city hall.> >5 p's= proper, prevention, prevents, poor, performance >6 l's= look, learn, listen, love, life, loyalty> >6 Laws of Existence as defined by Hoover >-Love= "treat others in the same manner that you would be treated"> >-Life= "it is the awareness of who and what you are today is the sum total of >your thoughts and deeds of the past"> >-Loyalty= "two people working in cooperation have the power of four people >working individually, and three people working in cooperation have the power of >nine. When as a group agree upon a certain direction, that direction will have >the power of many times the number of people involved"> >-Knowledge= "in knowledge we must also gain the understanding that this law >pertains to knowledge required for righteous endeavors"> >-Wisdom= "the law of wisdom allows us to recognize no separateness between the >one and the many, but realizes that each individual has one degree of >uniqueness about himself that makes him different than everyone else. Through >unity, the law of wisdom urges us to work together toward common goals; even >when there seems to be no hope. Those who would use their wisdom for >destructive purposes are those who shall receive devastation in their >endeavors on many levels thereafter"> >-Understanding= "the most important degree of understanding is respect, respect >for all others as well as yourself, and your kind. Respect is the attitude of >looking twice as deeply into the eyes of our fellow brothers; looking twice as >deeply into any person or situation that confronts you"> >Actually Growth and Development was started by Hoover in '82 while he was in >Pontiac. He wrote "The Blueprint" which is the doctrine by which hahas guided >FOLKS for the future. That is when he changed his title to Chairman. Having a >more commanding respect for G.D.íS's behind bars by having complete their GED if >needed, making some of the high rankers study law from the jail house library. >Hoover had the perfect plan for launching FOLKS into the next Century. I know >all about his Federal conviction in '97, but I don't know how much of an >impact it's had in Chicago because I don't have any direct connections there, >but I'll always be Enlightening younger FOLKS on the teachings. Keeping the >Knowledge alive will insure no one can bring this Supreme Nation to its >knees........... FOLK$ Book Knowledge How do you call Hoover? 33233 How many times did Hoover jump the fence? 525 How many times did Hoover cross the road? 626 Where is the third eye? Top of the pyramid Where is the giant sword? In the hand of the eagle What are the colors of the six point star? blue, black, white, purple, silver, green How many briccs are on the yellow bricc road? 360 Who laid the last Brick? Hoover How does Folk Stand? Paper thin Who has the three keys to Gangsta City? Hoover, David, Sheba On the eighth day, how many points are on the stars? 6 Who made the 13 month? Hoover What color does the sky turn when you kill a slob? blue and grey Why is the sky blacc at night? cause god respects tha blacc flag Why do we wear things to the right? Because Hoovers left handed man betrayed him How did he betray king Hoover? He slept with his wife What color is sheebaíís pyramid? clear, so she could see all the fakes How did hoover cross the red sea? On a 6 point star Who are the 3 kings? Hoover, David, Soloman Why was 8-ball brokin? Cause Queen sheeba was raped Who raped her? 3 crips, 2 folks, and 4 Vls Where is the 3rd world ?In your right leg What is at the equator? Friendship How does a disciple pray? Facing south, in the formation of a pitchfork 2-15-19 B.O.S: Brothers Of the Struggle 6-15-12-11-19 FOLKS 22-12-11 VLK: Vice Lord Killer 211 BK: Blood Killer P-187 Piru Killer 16-11 PK: People Killer