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Kyo Kusanagi


Official SNK Bio (According to -(

NAME (OFFICIAL): Kyo Kusanagi

MODE OF COMBAT: Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts + personal style of Chinese boxing (Kenpo)

BIRTHDAY: December 12

HEIGHT: 181cm

WEIGHT: 75kg




HOBBY: Writing poems

PERSONAL TREASURES: His motorcycle. His girlfriend (Yuki).

FAVORITE FOOD: Broiled fish



Featured in: KOF 94-03, SNK Vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, Capcom vs SNK: Millenium Fight 2000, Capcom vs SNK 2, SNK Gals Fighters (in an ending), SVC: Chaos, King Of fighters R-2, SNK vs Capcom MOTM, King Of fighters Neo Wave, King of Fighters EX 1 & 2, Fatal Fury 3 (Background), King Of fighters Maximum Impact... geez.. this guy's really gone out since 2000... i'm having trouble remembering every game he's been in....

Yep, Kyo's name can translate to grass cutter....

Player in '94: I like this game. It looks neat. I think i'm going to pick this guy, he looks neat.(Cursor on Japan team).

Player in '95: It's that game again. Hey, there's a cool looking guy with red hair who fights almost exactly like that Kyo whats-his-name. I'm playing him forever and ever!

Player in '96: Kyo's got new punches, but Iori kept the Yamibarai (projectile). Check out Iori's team. What's this Riot of blood? Awesome!

Player in '97: Wow! Two versions of Kyo! Both still in the school outfit. Nice new DM.... WOAH! Check out IORI's new DM at MAX! Awesome!

That's the story of Kyo's video game life. In '94 he comes in with a fresh new all original team. He really kicked butt. But everyone latched on to Iori in '95. Almost everyone. Personally, I like them both the same. Kyo is the "main" guy in the KOF series. He plays a key role in the storyline and has a jack-ass for a girlfriend.

Kyo's child life was simple. A dad, that crazy Saishu, and a mom Shizuku. She IS still alive, however, making Kyo one of the VERY few main characters with BOTH parents. Kyo trained in the arts of the Kusanagi, wielding the flames and whatnot. He also became learned in Chinese Boxing. Kenpo, pretty much. he beat his dad at the age of 14, which led his dad to take a long journey away from home to train and battle (read: Avoid having to face orochi anything, probably)

It all started with a fight against Benimaru. Kyo and Benimaru were in a fight for the Championship title of Japan. Kyo won and the first, second, and third place contenders (equivalent to Kyo, Benimaru, and Goro) formed a team to join the King Of Fighters tournament. This team is the supposed champion of KOF team, supposedly winning all of the tournaments since '94. Their reason for joining? They were the best in Japan. That is all. Kyo had also beaten Daimon. That led to the brash young Beni to taunt Daimon and underestimate Kyo, somehow... anyway, Kyo won and all 3 got invited to KOF a year later (yes, the tournament was in 93).

Oddly enough, Kyo and co ended up on Rugal's Aircraft carrier thingy. There lies Kyo's dad, messed up. He didn't live but a few moments after Kyo found him. As a fighter, he challenged Rugal, but Rugal was brutal and wanted to turn people into statues after he defeated and killed them, so.... they beat Rugal and Rugal explodes himself.

In '95, things begin to get spicy. A rival of Kyo's, the infamous Iori Yagami, shows up with a team of rivals, one against Bogards, and one against Kyokugenryu. Iori wants Kyo dead. And contrary to belief, Kyo wants Iori gone just as much, (Iori just shows up out of nowhere to fight sometimes). The rivalry begins before either is born, but i'll go into that later. Neither one was able to meet the other in '95. Thier entry came about when Mature attacked a returning Kyo when he was meeting up with Benimaru and Goro. She gave them the invite and away they go.

Indeed, the R is back for ze revenge. However, he has resurrected Saishu with the help of his Secretaries, Vice and Mature (Vice hates Saishu because of all the work she had to do on him). And THIS time, there is a new power involved. Kyo has to fight his brainwashed dad, and beats him into sanity. Then, Kyo and co fight Rugal and Rugal explodes.

In '96, actually, before '96, Kyo is beat up by a mysterious man, Goenitz, as we all know (Just a ruinin' the lives). WAIT! Before you Kyo fans go have bon fires in front of Goenitz house, remember, it was the beating which gave Kyo the initiative to develop the Kusanagi No Ken Da (Fist Of The Kusanagi). Unfortunetaly, it seems that this battle had altered Kyo's once fun loving ego. Combine that with the knowledge of his duty to Orochi and you've got a guy who loses some of his most appealing attributes...

Kyo got a taste of what the Orochi Power was with Rugal in 95. He finds out in 96 that there's more to it than that....

The orochi dealings have a lot to do with '96 and '97. Kyo was the only Kusanagi to handle the mess. Mama was at home taking care of Kusanagi business, and papa was gone. Anyway, then there's Kyo. First he enters the King Of Fighters '96 to sow the mysterious man who beat him upthat he's no joke. After a long, hard, grueling but incomplete tournament, it is interuppted, by Goenitz. He is trying to release the evil Orochi, the Orochi power being responsible for the exploding of Rugal. The hostess of the tournament, Chizuru Kagura, knew Goenitz's plan and organized the KOF '96 for the sole purpose of finding the ones that can stop him... but she forgot to mention that in the invitations...

Those ones turned out to be Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami. Confusion? Yes. Kyo was one third of an ancient trio through lineage. The three, (known as many things like the the Sacred Force Team and Calibur team etc.), beat Goenitz.

Oh yeah, it's known around that in '96, Kyo got a win over Iori (some people just have to accept it). However, it was in the actual tournament, and rumor has it that Iori had plowed his way through many to fight Kyo and was perhaps unfit for the challenge at the time. But that might just be people trying to soften the blow. OH! Good news! Iori is related to the Orochi too! So now he goes crazy sometimes. Even more fun for Kyo.

Good? Yes and no. Now the Orochi Power is popular. Kyo goes into battle once again, feeling he has no purpose elsewhere. Only He, Iori, and Chizuru can stop Orochi, and in '97, it seems they succeeded. It is here you learn Kyo's place in the Trio (Known as the Shingi Trioca), as the one who defeats (exacts the crushing blow) on Orochi, like his ancestors did so many years ago. Why is Kyo in all of this mess? It's all in the background.

Note: It seems in '98 that Kyo is back to his old self again, doing even cooler win-poses and vic-pics. The funny thing is, while Iori leaves Kyo alone, Kyo would never even think twice about Iori because he doesn't care much about the fued until about '96 where Iori REALLY begins to annoy him. He still would drop the feud like a bad habit if he could. But most Kyo fans HATE Iori, but most Iori fans think Kyo is neat and have no problem with him. Strange. Either way, '98 has no storyline (no KOF in '98 as either no one hosted one or no one was ready to battle dieties anymore) and only succeded in maybe showing us how Kyo felt RIGHT AFTER he beat orochi and thought he had some rest time. I say RIGHT AFTER orochi, for Kyo got 0 minutes of rest, the reson you'll find out later.

On to the background. The Kusanagi's were the protectors of the earth. You might say they still are. Back in the day, they and the Yaskakani's banished orochi with the help of the Yata's, who really don't do much, but enough. Kusanagi's role in the "Farewell Orochi" project is to "Defeat." That they did. Well, the Yasakani's went crazy and this and that and along came Yagami's (More in Iori's Profile... whenever I decide to get that going). Now the Kusanagi's and the Yagami's are sworn enemies. Every generation, the main successor of the clan is to fight the other. I think Saishu ditched his and wanted Kyo to do the same, which is why Kyo couldn't care less about the fued. Kyo was supposed to lead a normal life, he only fought just to fight. Anyway, since his ancestors protected the earth and were responsible for it's well being, they had the power of the sun. So Kyo get's the power of the sun. So when Orochi stuff becomes evident (as the Orochi clan is always around), Kyo has a certain obligation.

Ever hear of Yuki? Yep, Kyo's girlfriend. This paragraph might defeat the purpose of having a Yuki profile but... Anyway, The Orochi balanced their powers and all that stuff through 8 Kushinada maidens. By sacrificing them, they get hthe stuff to do the job (more in the Orochi profile soon). One escaped. Chizuru notes in the Shingi Trioca ending that it was because of her ancestors. But she later tells Kyo something along the lines of "protect Yuki like Kusanagi did 1800 years ago." So, the Kusanagi's had a part in helping her. Either way, Kyo's girlfriend is OLD. Wether she's been living the whole time is unknown...

Anyway, i'm guessing the Yasakani's and the Kusanagi's were good friends due to my next point. See, the Yasakani might have been screwed themselves (more in Iori profile) with their Orochi pact due to a temporary misplacement of priority. It seems that the Yasakani's were not super prideful when they were buds with thwe Kusanagi, as a... disembodied thing-voice person thing talks to Kyo during the Shinji Trioca ending. It's obviously a voice of a Yasakani (keep in mind, the Yagami are Yasakani's with Orochi blood. The Yasakani changed their name after the pact). This Yasakani appeals to Kyo, asking him to help Iori seal Orochi off (Iori is in the middle of holding Orochi by his neck at the time and power is flying everywhere) saying that the orochi pact is not Iori's fault and he shouldn't have to face it alone. Imagine what Iori would think if he found out one of his ancestors appealed to Kyo, his arch rival, for his sake.

Kyo really likes to be just plain and plain and plain and even plain, and things. Sorry boy, not while you're tossin fire. Kyo would rather spend days with the overbearing (so i've heard) jack-asstical girlfriend Yuki, or cruisin' around and magically avoid speeding tickets on his motorcycle like all anime characters do. But before '97, Kyo gets another hobby, a "disciple" Shingo Yabuki, who he teaches in exchange for Shingo's mad dashing into crowds (Kyo needs to keep a low profile due to popularity) to get Kyo a sammich (Sandwich). Pffff. Can I count how many times I read the word "fate" in the Shinji ending? BILLIONS! Things just seem fateful when it comes to Kyo. He ends up repeating history TWICE and is dating the very girl whose existence (or death) determined the fate of the earth. kyo, the next time you wanna buy a corn dog, make a sudden mind change and buy a picikle instead. Your gut instincts get you in trouble.

A word on Kyo's scholastic profile. In the Kyo-Shingo '97 endings, they are at school, also, Kyo fights in a school outfit, so everyone thinks he's a flunkie (a big one at that). But maybe his college requires an outfit? Maybe he likes it? Maybe the college is next to the school? Well, we all know SNK characters don't age.. but Kyo is a flunkard anyway. That's just how it is...

Oh yeah, Kyo's power is not OF magatama, but plays the role parody of the magatama in the actual Orochi legend. Stop the madness!

Kyo, after '97, was kidnapped by a mysteroius group, The N.E.S.T Cartel. Actually, by the new endboss of '99, Krizalid (right after the Orochi deal, thus no resting for Kyo). Kyo managed to escape while Krizalid was trying to extract data from him (Kriz likes machines). Only able to get a bit, K' (the new main guy) is infused with Kyo-power (fire) and the N., having only a bit of data to work with, decides to use the data of this exceptional fighter to make clones of Kyo to do some dirty work. A stupid idea, but it gets the job done. This might explain why Kyo drops his old garb... or maybe he just realized he was too old for it... or maybe he finally passed high-school....

Anyhow, I think it's safe to assume that the NESTS had Kyo for a goodly amount of time (not as long as they had hoped, but long enough) as they started KOF '99 as soon as they decided K' was ready to go and the Kyo Clones (hehehe) would be the way to go. Had Kyo escaped earlier, plans might have started earlier.

Now SNK realizes where Kyo's true potential is... as a Badd-as-Geese newly refreshed secret character who doesn't talk much and is rarely seen. Yep, Kyo has kinda gone underground and appears in both KOF 99 and 2000 without teams. KOF 99 gives proof that Kyo ain't been seen in a while as does 2000 (look at Shingo vs Kyo KOF 99 intro). Kyo's music has went from forlonged and sad (in 99) to "Come get some" (2000). Kyo now hunts and works towards the downfall of the NESTS since they almost completely ruined him with their clones and their data extracting ways.

He almosts gets his hands on him in '99, but their base began to crumble and he had to escape. His quest in 2000 only ends brings forth a run-in with Yagami... Who, ironically, had saved Yuki from the hands of NESTS before the 2000 tournament started. So at least we know Yuki is still alive after the Orochi deals. Was there an official result? Not that i've heard of. Before the 2000 tourney started, even Kyo began to feel that a the fateful battle between he and Yagami was fast approaching and was almost a necessity.

????... In some fantasy land MAYBE the Japan team got back together along with Shingo, since teams were of 4 starting in 99. Kyo COULD have amybe had came out of the shadows to fight alongside old friends after going through so much. I hear that Kyo kinda blew Shingo off during that time lost in time. He pretty much told Shingo to "get a life" and walked off. Shingo was devastated untin a certain something transpired. What? Well, that's for another profile. Of course, we're talking about some blurry time.... something about NESTS crumbling and going away for good...???

ANYWAY, we hear from Kyo next in 2003. It's been a good while since NESTS anything and Kyo once again, ends up dealing with Kagura (ends up, I say. What a lucky jones). Evil has come about again, and it seems to have some sort of connection with the Orohi power. It doesn't seem to be Orochi himself, but Chizuru isn't sure. She once again asks Kyo for help. He agrees and enters KOF 2003 solo. Iori also receives the same request and Shingi Trioca actually reforms in 2003, no matter how much of a step back that is. They do so seperately, kinda... 3 solo entries who get together in the end. Kinda like 97, only they don't have their own teams. In short: Kyo is duped by Chizuru once again.

What does this yeild? Well, a run in with AC from the Fab 3 (Ash Crimson, for those not in the know). He's the new dawg in town with some pretty powerful green... flame (if you can call it that). He approaches after the battle with Mukai and pretty much just.... sticks his hand into Chizuru's chest and rips out some condensed source of power (the "Mirror" power she posseses).

NOW, SNK always led us to believe that the powers of Chizuru, Kyo and Iori were more symbolicly represented, rather than have an actual.... tangible source inside. This could very well be a new thing added by SNKP (taking a page from uninformed fanboys and stupid HK comics). ANYWAY, Chiz-O-Rama can't defend herself because she is out cold due to some injuries someone sustained (confused? Wait until the Chizuru profile is updated and all will become clear). Either how, the specifics on how it all EXACTLY came to that point have yet to be released (as 2004 hasn't even been announced yet...) So, Ash avoids battle and flees as Kyo swears to get revenge, holding ol' Chizaction in his arms... kinda. Poor Chizuru. I'll get an address to send "get Well Soon" cards to....

So.... now Kyo has another purpose, so he'll surely be in 2004... or will he? Yes, he will. Will the Orochi return (hopefuly not)? Or will someone just try to harness some of the power (better than the last option?) Or will it be an entire new thing altogether (hopefully?) And what does Ash have to do with it? And why is he dressed so much like Chizuru? (Look close... there are some MAD similarities).

Ugh... i'm so tired of typing on this webpage right now.. things are becoming incoherent... So if anything reads funny, that's why.

STOP THE MADNESS: People, the way things are going, Kyo and Iori will NEVER sit down and decide to stop their feud over "mutual respect." They will never join forces "out of friendship," though the way things are building up, it seems they might have to work together again. Neither respects the other. Kyo probably thinks Iori is just a brainwashed goon whose decisions are always made for him, wether it be from his families orders to "kill Kyo" or Orochi saying "go into Riot of Blood (Heathen Mode) and slash and slash." Well.... SNKP has a habit of mucking up constants set up by SNK (see: KOF 2002's everything). Ending the feud and being buds would really hurt the characters and make them bland (though some change of some sort is needed). But that never stopped SNKP from rushing into things and limiting somoenes development (Terrance).

Funny fact about Kyo. His win quotes seem to be dead on sometimes. 2003 has 2 worth mentioning. one he comments that KOF isn't KOF without him. Almost seemlingly addressing those who felt he should have left KOF for a bit so the spotlight really could have transferred in the NESTS saga (which WOULD have been a good idea... appearing maybe only in the home versions..) He also comments in a win quote that Iori "never evolves." Which is the biggest gripe everyone makes about Iori. Then there's his quote from that secret era no one really knows about ???? "This isn't what a real battlefield should be!" As if he's saying "Something isn't right/this shouldn't be like this." Preach on, brother Kyo, preach on.

Hey, ever wonder how Kyo came to be? Me too. I do know of his original design. The now famoous Syo Kirishima (i'll get some screenshots of him, and maybe scan in some pics I have from some ilustration books). The guy dresses like Andrew Bogard. SNK decided to go for the more simpler design of Kyo. You know what I think? I think the one remaining clone Kyo should develop into Syo. THAT would be cool. Anyway, Syo appeared to be the typical hero. Complete with Blue AMry "falling off" belt. Flames on his suit and everything. I think he was voiced by the guy who played Kaneda in Akira in KOF 2000... I think....

Kyo's inside information from SNK. ( Since Kyo was created as a snazzy character capable of holding his own against the main characters of "Fatal Fury" and "The Art of Fighting," coming up with the right design was quite a lengthy undertaking. Kyo's personality remained a mystery until the final stages of development. Originally, he was to be called Sho Kirishima, but during the latter stages of development, his designers decided on the name of Kyo Kusanagi, and Sho got a rapid name change. The setting for the Orochi Saga, in which we learn that Kyo's ancestors defeated the Orochi of the Yamata, began with this game.

KOF Clothesline: Lets go over the outfits of Kyo along with his girly girl Yuki. No one cares about yuki, so lets worry only about Kyo. I'm going to use images and descriptions, soon as I get those screencapped. So lets stick with these crack definitions for now.

KOF 94 - KOF 98: Standard school outfit.... kinda. Black pants, black jacket with sun insignia on the back. White, one buckle shoes and white shirt. And a white headband. Lots of black and white. Kyo, himself, decided to add a vest to his outfit, so we get a black vest along with that. Pretty cool look. I didn't even think it was a school outfit until someone mentioned it to me 2 years into my KOF fandom. It's pretty cool as an outfit,in general. At least in my opinion.

KOF 99 - 2000: Nw outfit altogether. White jacket with some pretty bland jeans and brown shoes. The interesting aspects are 1: The absence of the headband and 2: The black shirt with a kind of cross on it. It's hard to explain. Frick it.... I'll just add some images and save the explanations.

KOF 2003: T-Shirt, jeans and a leather jacket. Don't feel like going into detail because i've decided to use images which I will do sometime when I have the opportunity. Take that, world.

KYO'S QUOTES! (His Win Pics)
KOF '94"Cheap Tricks Won't Work!" (vs China)

"This Is The End Of Kyokugenryu!" (vs Mexico)

"That's The Fate Of A Fraud!" (vs Japan)

"This Is Too Easy!" (vs Brazil)

"My Fists Are Hard To Beat!" (vs Korea)

"My Fists Are Burning!" (vs USA)

"We'll Be The Champions." (vs Italy)

"Impressive, But I Saw It Coming." (vs England)

KOF '95

"That's It? Well, I'm Not Angry, Just Dissapointed."

"Burn In The Fury Of My Flames, You Worthless Weakling!"

"So Long, Weenie King. We Won't Meet Again." (That's the best one.)

KOF 96"Wow! Back To The Gym For You. You're Really Pathetic."

"Eat My Flames Of Fury, Wimp! Grovel Before The Kusanagi's!"

"Stop Moping Around And Butch Up, You Weenie!"

KOF 97 (No Win Quotes in '97. Well, that sucks.)
KOF 98 "You Just Ain't Got It! So Stop Whining And Get Lost!"

(One quote per character in 98... better than none, but worse than multiple)

KOF 99 "Huh, don't tell me think I was a Clone?"

(sentance is missing a comma....)

KOF 2000 "Resistance Is Flammable. No One Can Snuff My Flame!"

"It's all experience. Fight On, Dude!"

"This Ain't What a Real Battle Field Should Be" (tell me about it....)

"As you've Been So Nice, I've Returned Your favors!" (I think it's a vs NESTS quote)

"You Still Got It! I Haven't Had This Much Fun Recently..." (vs Beni and Goro....?)

"Victory Was Predestined. I'm Not In your Bush League."

"Follow Me No More..." (vs Iori... this mysterious era seems to have a problem with the characters personalities... that's not Kyo wording.)

"Business With NESTS? I'll Introduce you Personally!" (vs K?)

KOF 2002

"That's The Pepper! That's The Stuff! Oooh Yeah!"

"You Gotta Use It Or Lose It. That's The Best You Can Do?" (vs NESTS Related...?)

"You're weighing me down. It's the kissoff, losers!" (vs Iori's team)

"Will you never learn? Or must I show you more punishment?" (vs Band/Orochi Team)

KOF 2003

"What?! I Guess KOF Without Me Just Isn't KOF, Right?" (Probably What He Said When SNk Decided To Keep him In In KOF 99).

"Like Raging Flames Of The Sun. That Is The Fists Of Kusanagi!"

"It's A Law Of History: I Don't Lose So Easy."

"What Miraculous Stamina! Taking Such A Basting!"

"Hmm. You got the look down. But you lack the substance." (vs The Fab 3)

"You never change. That's why you always lose." (vs Benimaru and Goro)

"You never evolve...that's what you're all about!" (vs Iori. Talk about dead on!)

"A year sabbatical's being lazy? ...Well, ya got stamina, kid!" (vs Shingo)

SVC: Chaos

"Remember The Pain Of My Fist. That Is My Power!"

"That Reminds Me Of A Joke. Aw Come On. Hear It out. You Got Time, Right?"

"What's The Deal? Not Cooked Enough, Eh?"

"So, Tell me. How Does It feel To Be Charcoal?"

"Haven't you Come To Grips With Reality Yet? You Can't Touch Me, Yagami!" (vs Iori... duh)

"Got the picture now? Your "good wind" that blows only fans my flames!" (vs Goenitz)

"That's not what I'd call even close to kick boxing. Just what is that anyway?" (vs Sagat)

"Yagami! I'm telling you to chill, you punchy pinhead!" (vs Riot Iori)

Now, I might be (read: am) missing some quotes. I'l have to go through and check some more, as some are specific towards characters. I also don't have means to get every winpic and winquote up here. I'll probably add some sections for those games and maybe use some pics from das net. If someone has any of them (KOF R1/2, CVS 1 or 2, etc... any one I don't have) feel free to send.

IN-GAME Specifics i.e. If you want credible, official info, start here.

KOF 94 Japan Team Intro - KOF 95 Japan Team Intro - KOF 96 Japan Team Intro

KOF 97 Japan Team Intro - KOF 99 Kyo Intro - KOF 2000 Kyo Intro

???? - Kyo KOF 2003 Intro




KOF '94 Ending - KOF '95 Ending - KOF '96 Ending

KOF '97 Ending 1 (Japan Team) - KOF '97 Ending 2 (With Shingo) - KOF '97 Ending 3 (Main Guys)

KOF '97 Ending 4 (Shingi Trioca) - KOF '98 Ending Gallery

This new format is SO much simpler than the overt the top everything I used to do. I'll finish this profile one day. And even add all that Syo Kirishima stuff as well...