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well well.. it's been more than a whole year since i've updated this site ey? wonder if anyone really still comes by.. i will definitely be doin some stuff with it, improving and all that.. but i been loads busy and now i'm in NP [Ngee Ann Polytechnic] studying Film, Sound & Video.

it's quite amazing how so many things are different. always, looking back on one year is astounding. maybe i should kinda do that.. leave this place, or have another that's not frequently updated. it really helps one put things in perspective sometimes. of course, with archiving and what not, i don't have to leave the place deserted.. but it's interesting. plus, i mostly either don't have tome, or i'm too lazy.. so i'm thinkin that's a possible option. but anyway.. i'm just here to update this and add a little stuff to the poor neglected page..

i will get down to doin something revolutionary to this page. i just can't say when.

splattered by ria at 01:57 hrs


heyaz ppl.. this is just a realli short addition to make this a little more up to date, speaking of which Nik! i think now i'm updating more than you! haha.. ok so its all crap but still.....;) ok back to the point, i'm gonna put up a page that holds all my past entries so this doesn't look like sucha mess but in the meantime, if you wanna read everything from the beginning, well, the beginning is after the trafficswarm banner in the middle of the whole section (it's really obvious. just scroll down.. ya can't miss it.) and goes all the way down before the next entry which is immediately above the aforementioned banner. then the newest is each message on top.. if i'm confusing you even more, just follow the dates yea? =)

yea i realise i'm a little slow but i only really took note of it yesterday when i directed my friend to this site and THEN... hmm.. i realise itz messy.. so here's a shout out to andrew : THANX MAN! ;)

yepperz.. so i guess that's all for now.. kz i wanted to leave ya all with a song but...... i don't know how to!!! =( boohoo.. next time.. i'll learn. then... yea.. s i g h z . . . bye pplz..

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hmm.. just realised its been exactly one week since i came in here and updated something.. and yet agin i do not have the luxury of staying for long and doing much to update this dear site of mine.. not that it's really much of a site now is it? more like a page.. but til i have more time....... sigh..

so i am sorry to say that i have to (yes, yet again) leave this pretty UN-updated. paradoxical huh? a non-updating update.. but well.. there's some sense in there.. thus a paradox hmm.. this is fun.. the html stuff.. messin around, producing a wonderful new page of my own.. well, it isn't exactly new.. but in some weird way it is.. besides, i did get a new name sorta for ma page.. it's awesome coz it fits so nicely! i'm so glad about that and its free.. that's the best thing.. one of those free redirecting services that pop up.. haha.. it was quite a stroke of luck really.. one day there was this pop-up that well, popped up on my com and hwaala! awesome.. haha.. anywayz.. think i really gotta get my time back.. i'm allowing stuff to steal my time.. not good.. gotta come back and get on track again yea? haha.. get back to the wonderfully enjoyable release i obtain from this updating and watever stuff.. haha.

newayz ppl.. or whoever who remotely read this.. i don't even knoe who really does.. not many huh? sad.. COME READ MY STUFF!! i don't do this to have it all hidden, with no one to read it you knoe!! haha! i shall inform/remind the whole world of my beautiful haven.. (hmm.. maybe when its all beautifull.. but at this rate no one will ever see my lovely creation coz i don't have time to make it splendidly, wonderfully, marvelously awesome!! ARGH!!) haha.. now i'm rambling. absolute nonsense at that.. ;p

kiez. i gotta run.. *hugz* to whoever wonderful ppl regularly read this.. i luv youz!!! tata! -ria signin off-


hello.. not much to say.. ok actually i've got quite a lot to say but i've gotta rush coz i can't stay on the comp for long, so i'll not get down all that stuff i have to say.. maybe next time.. just tryin to make an effort to keep this at least up to date..

basically there was PTM (that's Parent Teacher Meeting)today.. and well.. i hate these situations.. let's just leave it at that.. they're reali quite a pain.. and that applies even if thae teachers have something remotely good to say.. i mean, what makes them think they know you? ...... whatever. can't stand it. yea anyway.. i thin i better go now.. so til next time..

i haven't had much time to find interesting sites but when i do, i'll post it up.. see ya ppl!


ok. i couldn't be bothered to scroll all the way down to insert my latest message and i figured you probably would feel the same way about scrolling all the way down to read it (however few and far between they are nowadays).. ok. some tiny bit of updating.. pal mel's site is now back. with a BANG.. and it's absolutely awesome.. i really should pick up some tips from her..
.....speaking of which, i am in the process of doing a major overhaul on this site, which is presently pretty pathetic and a little too amateurish for my liking really, or rather for me to be proud of much, so wait up for that amazing change.. altho i admit it won't be all that soon, so you just gotta have a little patience k? in the meantime, i'm trying to brush up my HTML skills which are (as of the last update) less than novice.. anywayz, as i was saying, mel has a terrific site and here's getting right on to it... oh and don't worry, it pops up in a separate window.. :) i'm so proud of that, for now; see at least i've learnt how to insert a link that pops up in a new window!! yes.. satisfying enough for me at this point.. check it out.. i guarantee you won't be disappointed.. especially if you're an artist yourself.. go see what i mean.. so here, i'll end, and til the next time, i leave you with ;)
::see she's even got her own domain! which by the way, i might be getting too but that's later, and i'll tell ya'll when that happens.. peace::

p.s. don't you just love the beautiful pale yellow that graces my site's background now? haha.. nik?

wHaSsUp y'aLL? gUeSs i ShOuLd SeNd OuT a BiG "tHaNk YoUz!!" tO aLL u wHo aCtUaLLiE bOtHeReD tO vIsIt mE pAgE.. =) i hAvEn'T tOuChEd mA pAgE iN aBsoLuTeLy AgEs... aNd nOw, tHaNkS tO NiK, i'M bAcK... hAhA.. (yO NiK! nOw yEr fAmOuS!! hEhE...) sO i hOpE yA aLL bEeN gOoD aNd WeLL aNd aLL tHaT.. oH yEa tHaT lIttLe aNgEl uP tHeRe'S mE!! hAhA.. aLL yOu wHo kNoE aBt/ wEnT fOr CJ dRaMa NiTe sHoUlD NoE i'M nOt bEiNg eGo.. =) hMm.. tHiS cOuLd bE pReEeEtTy tImE cOnSuMiNg aNd CoNsIdErInG mY LaSt PaPeR iS tOmOrRoW, i tHiNk i'LL LeAvE tHe ReSt Of ThE mOdIfYiNg TiL nExT tImE.. GoD bLeSs, aLL yOu PeOpLe!

(mellie's and minzie's pages aren't workin.. they'll be up soon.. hopefully..)


hEy pEePz.. oK tHiS caPs tHaNg ReAli tAkEs QuItE lOnG, eSpEcIaLLy wHeN i GeT fUsSy aBt EvErYtHiNg.. hEh.. bUt i gUeSs iTz wOrTh iT.. fOrrGivE mY gRiPiNg. sO.. iTz bEeN a PrEtTy LaZy sAtUrDaY fOr mOi.. aS iT uSuaLLy iS fEr mE.. mAn i nEeD tO gEt a LiFe.. hEhE.. bUt sTaYiN aT hOmE cOuLd Be gOoD, iF OnLy i cOuLd g0t SoMe pEacE..tHen i MiTe AcTuALLy bE aBle To gEt sOmE sTuFf DoNe.. bUt sInCe i'Ve a LiL sIs aT hOmE, iTz tO bE eXpEcTed i GuEsS.. nOt ThAt i'M cOmPLaNiN aBt hEr.. sHe's aDoRabLe.. i'LL pUt uP a PaGe dEdIcaTed EnTiReLy tO hEr sOoN.. yOu'LL aLL LOVE hEr.. sHe's nOt -tHaT- nOiSy aNyhOw, aCtUaLLY pReTTy qUiEt, eXcePt uNlEsS sHe sTarTs ScREaMinG oF cOurSe, wHicH sHe dOeSn'T dO aLL tHat oFteN.. :) sO, jUsT LoOk oUt FeR iT kZ?

mY CTs (thAt'S "cOmMoN tEsT" fOr tHoSe WhO hAve nO cLuE) JuSt eNdEd aNd bOy aM i gLaD. i'M pRoUd tO sAy i aCtUaLLy wOrKed FoR iT.. nOt LiKe i PuT iN mY aLL, bUt iTz aN iMpRoVemEnt cOnSiDeRiNg i'Ve bEeN LivInG aS a sLaCkEr aLL mY Life (i'M sEriOuS mAn! dOn'T kNow hOw i'vE gOtToN bY, bUt i GuEsS tHat'S wItNeSs tO tHe SuCcEsSfUlNeSs oF tHe EdUcAtIoN sYstEm iN SiNgApOre; bUt i CaN't cOmPlAin- iTz tHe LoOpHoLes tHat'Ve gOt mE sO fAr i GuEsS.. aNd Of cOuRsE, tHe gRacE oF GoD), aNd WeLL.. SiNcE i aCtUaLLy WANT tO gEt tO U(niversity), i GoTTa Do sOmEtHiNg.. sO aNyWay, TiL tHe nExt TiMe, wHeRe hOpEfuLLy i'LL gEt mOrE uP, GoD bLeSs!


heya ppl... i haven't updated this fer a while, i know.. sorry.. been pretty busy. amazing how this is the first holiday i've had ever in my whole long academic life that feels nothing like a holiday.. haha.. well.. it wasn't all that bad, coz i got ta see all my frens but it's been pretty hectic i'd say.. something on every day... wow.. boy am i tired.. yea and as such, i haven't really had the time to really do anything with my site.. so well.. i'm sorry to say that u ppl have gotta wait a lil longer before anything new comes up.. but til then, God bless all of you (whether you choose to believe or not) and take care yea? Ria signing off..


heyall.. my pal Nik was complainin tt i haven't updated this.. and i'm sorry.. but i really haven't been able to find much time.. so check back some time later yea? A level preparation and all.. haha.. it sounds almost absurd coz it seems so far away.. but i really wanna get to the U with a scholarship in hand (hopefuully) thus the absolutely insane desire to work. So i'm gonna be some sort of nerd for this year.. argh!! [then again... nah.. it's not possible.. i can be hardworking but never a nerd. hehe ;) ] i've gotta run again.. sorry ppl.. til next time.. i'll leave ya with a picture ta enjoy.. cute! aww.... don't u think itz juz sooo.. adorable?! =P

P.S.( NIK!! YOUR PAGE IS LINKED! itz much clearer now...k? i made it stand out. see it down there?)


look! it's already april! ok ppl.. so i haven't been checkin in much.. i'm sorry.. i don't have time.. not even for this.. so i'm just here to add a lil msg.. redundant isn't it? oh well.. it's the thought that counts...

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