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Movie Review


After hearing so much about it for more than a year, Haseena Moin,s Scripted film has at last silver screen. kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye, has a distinct aura about it. One couldn't help feeling,at the end of it, that one had been watching a long, glamorous play instead of the usual desi version of films made across the border. Full of suspense, mystery and unexpected twists, it remains to be seen whether the public appreciates the change or opts for the more traditional type. The plot has been inspired by Only You an English film. najia, (Resham) who is extremely romantic, seeks the help of a ghost to find out the name of her would-be life partner and learns that it is Kunan,a man she would find in a country beginning with the letter T remember David Bradley (Robert Downey Junior) who was supposed to be Tomei's future, as supposedly predicated by a ghost in Only You! Well, as fate would have it, Najia and her cousin Sabrine, (Meera) land up in Turkey to attend a friend's wedding.Najia,s father,s business partner, Asif Khan, is also based there and has expressed an interest in her for his son, Fawad (Shaan). The girls land at the airport to be received by both the friend,s brother, Romail (Salim Sheikh) as well as Fawad. While the latter shows his preference for Sabrine from the outset, Romail becomes interested in Najia.Thus ensues a lot of subterfuge, drama and surprises with Romail turning out to be Kunan, and then agian, not, (Just as in Only You) and Fawad getting angaged to Najia without offering any concrete reasons for his Majboori, until finally everything sorts itself out. While the film has its strong points, there are some definite weaknesses as well. The wardrobe of the heroines is good even if they look overdressed at times. The photography is excellent with some delightful frames. Technically, there is no doubt that Kahin pyar Na Ho Jaye is a well made movie. The songs, too are catchy and well picturized and both the heroes, Shaan and Salim Sheikh, have tackled their roles reasonably well. However, one wishes that our heroines would learn how to speak. Their dialogue deliveries are so crude and loud that they seen to be shouting all the time.A stint a finishing school would do them a world of good. Also the script has some loose ends, making the plot less credible at places, perhaps the director has made some changes or the editing is responsible for this. Beginning with Fawad's total lack of interest in Najia (in spite of the fact that he is being paid to shower all his attention on her), to the entire scheme of enforcing a marriage, the stroyline is unconvincing. Also, some of the songs seemed out of context and appeared to be put in purely for commercial purposes. So as not to detract from the audience's enjoyment, specific incidents are deliberately not being mentioned here in the preview. Nonetheless, it's a movie that will retain the interest of the viewer and is clean family entertainment.

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