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Ensemble Les Nations

Musical Proposals

Maria Luisa Baldassari


Notes on Bartolomeo Tromboncino sacred music


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Les Nations is a musical group composed by musicians trained in historical performance of baroque and renaissance music, coniugating musical practice with teaching activity in conservatories, musical schools, stages and masterclasses; the ensemble is on the musical stage since a few years;.
Les Nations main field of study is the music from Renaissance and early Baroque Era.; particular attention is devoted to music for winds and wind ensembles, with and without voices. The group has made the first world recording of Bartolomeo Tromboncino sacred works Instruments and voices for this recording have been choosed according to northern italian performance practice of early Renaissance, trying in particular to reproduce the sound of the Venetian ‘processioni’. A new recording of Tromboncino secular music on latin text has been published in 2001: in 2002 Les Nations has recorded a CD of sacred music by the renaissance composer Costanzo Porta; for 2004 is in preparation a recording of the baroque Oratorio 'Il transito di S. Giuseppe', by Giovanni Paolo Colonna. Les Nations CD are published by Tactus.
The group has in his programs both music with ‘alta cappella’ (sacred music with voices, dance music, transcriptions of sacred music for wind ensemble, church sonatas) and ‘bas’ ensembles (playing ‘chamber’ music like frottolas, chansons, sonatas, fantasias etc.). Les Nations has played in many Italian and European festivals.
Clicking on the above links you will be able to reach different pages containing details of the musical programs and of the two CD devoted to Bartolomeo Tromboncino.


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