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Hammer Of The Gods

    Hi everyone! I hope to be creating a new look for my website soon. As soon as I find a new provider I'll begin working on a new home for the Hammer Of The Gods. I'll be adding some new sections and hopefully and MP'3 page.

    Well, thats all I have to say for now, so enjoy my page and please E-Mail me with any comments or suggestions and please don't forget to sign my questbook!

"Later Jimmy sat in his darkened suite as Neal Preston, the tour photographer, clicked through tray after tray of Zeppelin concert slides.  Jimmy was looking for a certain picture of himself, but every time a new slide of him came up, Jimmy would be dissatisfied, pointing out some flaw in his physique- 'Belly! Crow's feet!' -that the camera had captured. Finally Jimmy was asked what exactly he wanted.   Without missing a beat, Jimmy Page answered what he was looking for: 'Power, mystery, and the hammer of the Gods.'"

~Hammer Of The Gods, The Led Zeppelin Saga


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