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What happened between here....and here?

Beach TOT Jump!

Lot's of amazing adventures!


Where can I start...
Pre-dubya white house My first trip to DC in Oct '99 - on a business trip.  
Michael's -eye view This is Michael's view of the world.  Just a LITTLE warped. Cooper, Me, Lisa, and Sharon  
Louvre Ah, Gay Paris!  City of love!  Went on a tour that only allowed us to spend an hour and a half in the Louvre.
Me 'n' Kevin This was on one of our annual ski trips! That's my friend Kevin.
In Seattle That's my cousin Jennifer and me in Seattle. Her brother, Evan, got married.
Mardi Gras That's us again!  Mardi Gras '97.  That was the day that Michael and I got engaged. Do I look happy?


This is Michael's favorite wedding picture...

Michael's friends