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This picture shows a black punch hook, just beneath it is a rug hook..below that a very small latchhook which can work in burlap. The last tool is the standard size latchhook. As you have seen the material is available in quite large mesh.


This rug was done in time for our grandaughters wedding in May 1999. Tricia is a college student studying to be a Pharmacist. Dan has some medical background I think also, thus the RX in the heart. I'm still behind a few rugs.

This tapestry was created for my grandson who loved the characters in the movie 'Toy Story', they are, Buzz Lightyear and Woody. It's a very cute movie and very well executed using computer graphics. The latchhook is more capable of these ranges of colors than any other hook method. Try it!

A Barber Pole in Latch hook

My son David is a barber and I thought this might be nice to hang on the wall of his shop which incidently is the same barber shop as seen in the tv series "Northern Exposure" located in Roslyn, Washington AKA Cicely, Alaska. Jerry, the original barber who appeared in the series retired recently and David is now the barber in residence.

PUNCH HOOKED RUG, my only attempt

I blackened a fingernail making this rug(Don't let that stop you if you have an urge to try it), from pulling the yarn from the punch underneath. An interesting tapestry technique, but easier to do in latchhook. Some day I may try again....