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Familiar Enhancement

Just as the new Familiar Templates are used for designing the basic familiar, so this system is used to improve the familiar as the master gains in level. Each level the master gains in his spellcasting class that allows for familiar improvement gives the master a choice of 1 of the many enhancements for his familiar below. Some of these will have certain prerequisites, so not all are immediately open to him.


Each level in wizard or sorcerer (or any other class allowing familiar advancement) the master gains, including level 1, gives him 1 pick from the following enhancements (can choose from either of the 2 lists). Those abilities of the same name as the normal familiar enhancements work the same way. You can mimic the Standard Familiar enhancements with this system, gaining them all by level 19 (so you end up with 1 extra bonus by level 20). Some of these have requirements that will not allow the master to choose them until his meets the requirement:

Standard Enhancements (as in the PHB)

New Enhancements