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Lovin' Lance

We, the Webmasters of

guys at: Nsync's Got It Goin' On!

have come together to form a new page, and sorry humor here, just plenty of Lance lovin'.

Our humor pages were over flowing with the Lovley Lance Bass, so we just had to make this page, to you know, get it out of our systems...Here you will find pictures, quotes ans tons of cool Lance stuff, so get ready to start Lovin' Lance...But do not fret, this page will still have our own brand of sickness, we still are the same fools that made the other pages..

Picture Pages

Our First Shrine
Our Second Shrine
More Lance pics.
Because you can never have too many Lance pictures!

Lance in Concert

Other stuff

Lance's Bio

Yahoo chat..or the don't really anwser a question chat

A Few Lance Thoughts

What We Would Do To Meet Lance

Our poll...go vote, come on, do it for Lance's sake

Yeah, He does say stuff


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Hey guess what?? All Negative entries will be erased! Especially if you hate Lance..have a nice day!