Plants Math Unit!!!
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How Does Your Garden Grow Math Unit!!!

These are just a few math ideas for plants. Be sure to check this area often!!!

Measure Plant Growth

You will need the following materials:

notebook and pencil ruler soil pots seeds- bean, radish, or pea

  1. Put soil in the pots. Poke holes and put seeds in the soil. Cover the seeds with soil.
  2. Put the pots in the sun. Water the plants.
  3. Every day: Measure how much the plant has grown. Count the number of leaves. Record the information in the notebook. (For younger children, you may want to do this as a class project!)

    Measure Up With Plants

    You will need the following materials:

    plant part to measure with- a leaf, a twig, a seed, a fruit, or a flower

    1. Pick a plant part to measure with.
    2. Measure various things in the classroom.
    3. Fill out a class chart either as a group or using partners to show the unit of measure and the item measured.

      Flower Power

      You will need the following:

      flower pot pattern flower pattern stem pattern

      1. Program each flower with a number word, each stem with a dot set (Ex. If the number is 6, put 6 dots on the stem), and each pot with a numeral.
      2. To do this activity, a child sequences the pots, the matches each corresponding stem and flower.

        I have also used real pots and card holders from the florist with construction paper flowers attached. The child places the actual number of "flowers" in each pot!

        Watermelon Seeds

        You will need the following materials:

        10 or 11 "watermelons" made with green constr. paper cut into a watermelon shape with red constr. paper in the middle to represent the meat. lima beans spray painted black

        1. Have each child look at each construction paper watermelon (these are prenumbered on the "rhine" 0-10 or 1-10 or as far as you want to go).
        2. The children decide how many "seeds" to put on each "watermelon".

        3. ***If you would like this to be self-checking, Turn the watermelon over to the back and either draw or glue the correct number of seeds. I also write the number words along with the numeral!

          The Great Corn and Bean Racee

          You will need the following materials:

          2 clear plastic cups beans and corn for planting in the individual cups potting soil some measuring tool (piece of string, measuring tape, ruler, anything you wish) paper for recording results Prepared chart labeled "The Great Corn and Bean Race" Have 2 columns, 1 column labeled "Corn" and the other "Beans"

          1. Plant beans into 1 cup and corn into the other.
          2. Ask children to predict which will grow faster and record their names on the "Corn and Bean Race" chart under the appropriate column.
          3. Watch the plants grow and record findings. **You may want to take the time to talk about measurement and use your measuring tool.
          4. Discuss the results.