Easter: Games and Activities
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Games and Activities

Peter Cottontail Dance

Use the record of the same name. Children stand in a circle. Children take twelve step-hops to the right, holding hands in front, pretending they are paws. Then children face forward and wiggle tails four times. Then they take twelve step-hops to the left, holding hands in front. Then they face center and wiggle tails four times. Then boys squat, facing center, pretending to nibble carrots, while girls weave in and around them and back to place with sixteen step-hops. Repeat the whole dance, but on the second time through, girls squat down and pretend to nibble carrots while boys weave.

Bunny Race

Teacher draws two lines on the playground- a starting line and a goal line. Children line up behind the starting line. Then they stoop, holding hands to side of head like rabbit ears. When the teacher say "Go", children jump in short hops on both feet to the other goal line and back.

Scrambled Easter Eggs

Teacher cuts out Easter eggs from no more than five different colors of construction paper. Children sit in a circle. Each child holds one colored paper Easter egg. One child is chosen to be "It". "It" sits in the center of the circle. He or she then asks one child, "What color egg do you have?" When the child answers, all the other children holding the same color egg change places. As they are changing places, "It" tries to get one of the places. The child who is left out becomes the new "It". Once in a while, "It" says, "Easter basket is upset." Then everyone in the circle changes places.

Easter Egg Race

Divide children into three groups. Have an Easter egg made out of construction paper for each child. Draw a starting line on the playground and place a pile of eggs for each team about twelve yards from the starting line. When teacher says "Go", the relay begins. The first child in each team runs up, gets one of the eggs, runs back and puts it in the Easter basket for his or her team. The first team to fill its basket wins the race.

Bunny Jump

Children stand in a circle, holding hands. One child is "It" (the bunny). "It" goes around the circle, touches the hands of two children standing together, and says, "Bunnies Jump!" "It" remains in their place, and they hop around the circle in opposite directions. The last one back chooses a new "It".

The Last Bunny

This is a game for ten or more players. It is more fun with a large number. An Easter rabbit is chosen by counting out or drawing straws. All other players stand in a circle. The Easter rabbit walks around the circle and taps one player on the back saying,"Have you seen my bunny helper" "What does it look like?" asks the player and the Easter rabbit describes the bunny helper. He may say,"She is wearing a watch and blue shoes." The player tries to guess who it is. When he names the right person, the Easter rabbit says, "That's my helper!" and the other person chases the bunny helper outside and around the circle. If the chaser catches the bunny helper before he can return to his place, the chaser becomes the Easter rabbit. If the bunny helper gets there first, the first Easter rabbit takes the place in the circle of whoever is the new Easter rabbit.

Eggs in the Basket

The children can practice throwing egg-shaped or regular bean bags into a large basket or bucket.

Rabbit Tag

Make egg-shaped bean bags to play rabbit tag. To play the game, the children stand in a circle, with one child being the rabbit. The rabbit walks around the circle with a bean bag on his head, and drops a second bean bag behind the back of another child. The second child must put the bean bag on his head and follow the rabbit around the circle once. Each child must keep the bean bag balanced- if it drops, it must be picked up and replaced on the head. If the rabbit is tagged, he chooses the next rabbit. If the rabbit returns to the empty spot in the circle, the second child becomes the rabbit.