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Bunny Poem

Make a bunny cutout from heavy duty paper. Add a bunny tail (cotton ball) and a wiggle eye. Write this following poem on it: With Easter Joy, in every hop, This bunny brings, a Lollipop! Then attach a lollipop to each one. This is something neat for the children to take home!

Fingerprint poem

Put the following poem on the bottom of a piece of white paper: Five little Easter bunnies sitting in a row; They are made of my very own fingerprints, you know. Five little Easter bunnies are hopping to say, Love and kisses from your Kindergartner this happy Easter day.

Creative Writing Ideas

On cutout eggs write the following "story starters" and place in an Easter basket for children to choose:

  1. The hen was so surprised when she laid a pink and purple egg!
  2. Mom fixed green scrambled eggs for breakfast!
  3. "Ouch!" said the hen when she laid a square egg!
  4. The little baby chick couldn't find his mother.
  5. Suddenly, the huge egg began to move!
  6. Dozens of eggs fell from the sky on Easter morning!
  7. On Easter morning, Stella looked into her basket and discovered.....
  8. James woke up Easter morning to find he had turned into a _____________.
  9. I don't want the Easter Bunny to get lost, so I am writing a letter telling how to get to my house.
  10. I looked out my window on Easter Sunday and saw a strange rabbit in my garden.
  11. Pretend you are the Easter Bunny. Write about the strangest adventure you ever had while trying to deliver baskets of eggs.
  12. I have never seen such a huge Easter egg before. It has a big crack up the side. Do you think there is something trying to hatch out?
  13. It is almost Easter and the Easter Bunny is sick. How can I help?
  14. Creative Writing Titles

    Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny

    Make an Easter bunny shape book and make it into a "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" pattern book. Change the "Brown Bear" to "Easter Bunny".

    Award Sayings