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    A Ska/Punk band from Central Texas.
The guys that shouldn't date your daughter:
MegaDave - Vocals
MegaJames - Guitar
MegaJames - Bass
MegaSam - Drums
MegaNick - Trumpet
MegaTony - Trombone

MegaRichard - Roadie

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Well, it has come and gone. Sam has left for good to Michigan, said he'd visit on Christmas I think. Dave is gone now for Dothan,or will be gone tomorrow morning . Nick leaves the 18th I think, James T leaves the 22. So that about writes the book on KFM. It was fun. I'd just like to take the chance to tell everyone that didn't like us because we weren't from the popular crowd, or because we felt that we should play our own shit and not play crap pop tunes; to those people i'd just like to say get a damn life. We worked hard and we made good music. To everyone who liked us, and to everyone who didn't like us but gave us a chance first, I'd like to say thank you. You guys (and girls) are what make being in a band playing fresh live music worth it. Playing for free ever time, and selling our merch. for dirt cheap was worth it because of you guys. Thanks a lot. We'll see you around.



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Hadji and the Turbans

and if you are a normal visitor you may know of our New York counterpart

The Kung Fu Monkeys

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