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Kevin & Ann Ory will be your hosts today
* Ory is the 23,522nd most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.000%; percentile is 79.527 [SourceCBN]
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*******ORY REUNION 2003 Day *******

days since the REUNION 2003 was held
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Local Louisiana Mid-Reunion

From Left: Jacob, Ann, Kevin, and Joshua

From Left: Ann, Kevin, Joshua and Jacob

Ann is a full time mother and is the breadwinner of the family. She has been married to the guy next to her (the bearded one) for more years than she cares to remember! Should be up for Sainthood for putting up with him! Ann lovingly keeps the entire family in line and on the right path and for that we are forever grateful! In addition to her family duties she has also faithfully taught 4th grade Catechism classes for the past 13 years as well as being an aide for 3 years prior. She is now employed with Wal Mart as an assistant manager. Where does she find the time and energy?

Kevin has now graduated with a Batchelor of Arts in Political Science from Southeastern Louisiana Universityon December 9, 2000. Now it has come time for him to join the real world and get a J O B (gosh that was hard to write!) in a field he enjoys (and pays the rent!). When he is not working (or looking for work), he leads the music ministry for the Lord at the Thursday night Family of Faith Prayer meeting at St. Theresa Church. HALLELUJAH!! And if he has any spare time Kevin is researching his ancestor, Nicolas Ory.

Joshua (age 24) is finished his Associate Degree in Drafting, working full time with Myer, Myer, Hixon & Lecroix Engineering firm so that he can support his ball & chain (no, he's still single). You should see it too! (Hard to believe that this beautiful young woman is the mother of a son so old isn't it?)

Jacob (age 21) is a 2000 Graduate of East Ascension High Schooland after several interesting jobs, now is employed at Elayn Hunt corrections institute for men as a corrections officer. He still has to support his driving habit. He is also a member of and the ranking Youth Leader of the Gonzales Department Police Explorer Post where he has attained the rank of Captain.

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Last updated March 1, 2003

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