Goals and Demands

*Journey for Justice to Starke*

The Goal

My goal is to meet as many of the prisonersí families as possible, hear their stories, and together, force a full and honest investigation into the Florida prison systems problems in dealing with our prisoners.

The Demands

Jeb Bush finally appointed enough members for a quorum to the committee that is supposed to keep a caring eye on the prisons in Florida.

(1) The committee should include a prisonerís family member, someone who would make sure the job was being done properly.


The medical care in prison is substandard even under the minimal standard of care required by law. People are punished with prison time. Pain is not their punishment.

(2) I demand every allegation of medical abuse be investigated, and if too many allegations are coming from the same prison, then a full investigation must be done.

The death of any inmate and the circumstances surrounding that death, should immediately become public knowledge.

A prisoner representative must be on the medical committee for the Florida prisons to make sure the job is done properly and with care for the human rights of the prisoners.


The FBI investigation has thus far been limited to Mr. Valdesí death.

(3) I demand a full investigation of Starke, Butler, and all Florida prisons where abuse is being reported, all the way down to the mailrooms.


Cameras are only being mounted in XWing, because thatís where Valdes was murdered.

(4) Cameras should be mounted in all secluded parts of the prison where the beatings could take place.


There are prisoners who want to tell about the abuses that have been happening within the Florida system.

(5) All prisoners who want to file affidavites must be given proper protection.


Why do the beatings happen?

(6) I want to see the methods of hiring and training guards brought under scrutiny.


Gary was only one of 30 federal prisoners brought to Florida.

(7) And I want to know when the other 29 federal prisoners who accompanied Gary to Florida will be returned to their federal prisons.


Prisoners should be allowed to serve their sentences

without brutality and medical deprivation.

Remember, over 80% are non-violent offenders.