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Gwen's Cyber Home

So, you finally made it in here to check out my new site...pretty groovy, huh? Well, this is just the begining! I was so absolutely sick of everybody else having such an awseome page while mine was pretty much sucking, I decided to do something about it!! Take your time and look around. I think I actually did something good here.

In case you don't know me already, let me introduce myself. My name is Jennifer and I am originally from San Jose, CA and I now live with my two best friends.. my 2 kiddos in New Orleans, LA. Most of you know me as Gwenivir in Open24where I am almost always whenever I am online.

That sums most of it up for me (at least for this page!) So take a stroll into the rest of my world and find out more about the kinda person I really am!! Besides, you kinda have to look around. My photo album has plenty of pics to let you get a true idea of who I am.

Now, on to the rest of my world, where you'll find out so much more about me (can ya stand it?!?) with links to all of my great friends as well as pics and stuff. You get the idea! Come on...don't be shy.

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