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Welcome to Bible Prophecy, this web site offers Bible studies in the area of prophecy. Prophecy is making known the future before it comes to pass. The King James Bible is used in the studies, with Greek and Hebrew translations of key words. Lets go to the King James Bible and the great Book of Ecclesiastes to understand about Bible prophecy

Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it [is that] which shall be; and that which is done [is] that which shall be done: and [there is] no new [thing] under the sun.

Friend there is nothing new today, only a repeat of history. Haven't you ever heard history repeats its self, our Father makes prophecy in His Word easy this way.

Ecclesiastes 1:10 Is there [any] thing whereof it may be said, See, this [is] new? it hath been already of old time, which was before us.

People have been doing the same type of things over and over for thousands of years. In Bible prophecy one thing can happen and become a type for a future event. By studying the Bible we see types that will be future events.

Ecclesiastes 1:11 [There is] no remembrance of former [things]; neither shall there be [any] remembrance of [things] that are to come with [those] that shall come after.
Ecclesiastes 1:12 I the Preacher was king over Israel in Jerusalem.

King Solomon of The United Kingdom of Israel, about 950 B.C.E.

Lets ask The Father in heaven for wisdom in the name of Jesus The Christ, as we study Bible prophecy.

Simon Ferguson

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