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Thanx Rowen for the awesome banner...I love it!

"Hello and welcome to my site," Kaysha tells her guests. *stepping over a pile of junk* "Feel free to take a look around & if you need anything, just ask!"

You now enter a room that doesn't look like it's been used in a while. "Hey minna! Well, I finally got all my the fics updated..yeah!!! I know that there are a few bronken links & I intend on fixing it as soon as I can find the stories. Oh, & if anyone has suggestions on any other anime links I should put on my site, e-mail me!"

This page was on March. 17, 2000. Well, I've finally update some of the fics. I added Dangerous Adversaries parts 17-19 by Tatsu & The Return of Rowen parts 4-5 by Rowen...I'll try to finish the updates A.S.A.P....till later, JA!!

Hi all! My name is Kaysha Hashiba. I'm college student here in Louisiana. I love the Ronin Warriors but my absolute favorite is Rowen. He's just so cute!! ^_^ Any suggestions on how to make this page better just let me know.

As you walk down the hall way you see a door off to the left. You enter to see a large room filled with bookshelves. Only a few are filled. "This is my library. As you can see I don't have a lot in here either. If you have anything that you want me post just e-mail me."

Sorry to any author that gave me permission to post your fic & it's not up. I am working on getting my page up to date but it's hard since classes have started again & other responsibilities.

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Shin's Kitchen
Kari-chan's Fanfiction
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Please report any broken links to me. Hope you enjoyed my page so far. Come back & visit. BYE!! *waves to her guests*

Thanx to Theria, Aleska, Ian, & all those that let me post their fics on my page. Thanx y'all. Also I have to say HI to my best friends Sara, Jenni & Courtney.. *giggles*

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This page was started on Dec. 1, 1998