The Survey of Well - Being

Survey of Well-Being

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Are you Jesus Christ?
yes no not sure yet

Which famous figure do you secretly pretend to be?
A) Napolean B) Larry Hook C) Eve of Eden D) Rick Kvam

Fave duck:
A) Daffy B) Donald C) Dark Wing D) Dead

What are your three favorite things to find in your pockets?

The next answer is optional:
A) true
B) false
C) optional

The next answer is not optional:
A) drive train
B) passenger side airbag
C) plush leather seats

Who do you like best:
A) Ghandi B) God C) Yourself

Which 24-hour establishment do you frequent most?
7-11 Waffle House bank ATM friend's house jail

Most of the time I'm surrounded by:
A) idiots B) animals C) nobody D) admirers
E) an odd and disturbing odor F) an inert mixture of oxygen and other gases

Favorite color? White Clear Glowing Happy Colors

What's your favorite broccoli flavor?

How many times a day do you shave?
never once less than once more than once

What's your favorite TV show you never watch?

I have been phone polled by...

Please second one of the following emotions:
this has been fun!
this has been grueling
too many questions
I could have had a V-8
I hope I never see you again

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