Suck Ass Loser Poems*

Here's the Poems!

I saw Bakken puke

I looked in the toilet, and

I saw a rat head

I heard a rumor

the sometimes Jews puke rat heads

I guess that it's true

I saw the rat, too

he eats like Ozzy Osbourne

he leads the daemons

Alan wears his hat

It is quite quaint and Jewish

Jews have webbed fingers

Lincoln Shirk-Heath nude

what a sight to see him nude

His mom is nude too

Lincoln has left us

He rides atop a centaur

His name is Guildor

Lincoln went to town

Then he's going to Tibet

he's really a girl

My new policy:

"Friends don't let friends be Lincoln"

I need no third line

Lincoln wears earplugs

Noise make lincoln's head explode!

Lincoln no like light

Today is your last

We will take you and kill you

I'm sorry Sinbad

Reasons these people suck

*any resemblence between the fictional characters in these poems and any real people is strictly coincidental. Any personalities or names used are random. For example, the "Lincoln Shirk-Heath" mentioned in one of the above poems is in no way intended to be about a person named Lincoln Shirk-Heath

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