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A valuable skill in my life has been to know every lesson and moral from every book, movie, or play I have ever seen. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad, and I'm forced to simply know everything about any media I have been exposed to. So, when being creative and coming up with poems, often I find references to movies, songs, books, etc. So, rather than try to fit them somewhere else, I've decided to put them here.

I have a section of only Star Wars poems here

See if you can find references to:

Here's the Poems!

Old Corporal Clinger

That Lebanese cross-dresser

Asia Minor's king

Man-at-arms is gay

He-man has the power, slave

She-ra loves Orco

Where the sidewalk end

There are keen flames of anguish

Nostradamus lives

Nancy Kerrigan

Beaten with a wooden stick

Tonya Harding

Flex capacitor

The secret of time travel

My sign is Cancer

I hit my head hard

1.20 Jigawatts!!

Mine is Scorpio

Communist regime

Mao Tse Tung and Chiang Kai Shek

Two really cute guys

Hey Bill, I'm Darth Ted

I'm Luke Bill, you're not my father

Medeival dickweed

Indiana Jones

The penitent man will pass

Raiden's lightning bolt

Now Biff, don't con me

"Oh, oh my God they found me"

Run for it Marty!

Tyrettes Syndrome! #$%&!

Fay, this is so scrumptious!

Will you stop that, Bob?!

Death therapy, Bob

Baby steps, open the door

I sail, I'm a sailor!

Ernest goes to camp

Touch 'em all, Kirby Puckett!

Satanic Verses

Mister Miagi

That's sucks man, I got second

We're at golf n' stuff

Photon torpedoes

Baby steps to three o'clock

hey! Oprah's on

It is called flubber

The Millenium Falcon

Zomething different

There's one, set for stun

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

The Reading Rainbow


"you take your damn hands off her, Biff!"

"Do you want to park?"

I'm not a street rat

Yoo-hoo, monkey boy


Nine rings of torment

Bill Cosby has his own show

So did Alan Thicke

Fabricate the lies

Miagi, you fight me now!

He hit the beer cans

Absalom is dead

I'm sailing, Dr. Marvin!

I'm doing baby steps!

Most untriumphant

Hello, I'm Billy the Kid

your mom is hot, dude!

JFK airport

By the power of Greyskull

Come on, battlecat

Your bear necessities

Mother Nature recipes

We forgot Kevin!

I am John Kimble

His ears are made of Chiclets

"...Yakin' up something"

It's the sorceress

Three people share my secret

Heathcliff Huxtable

This just isn't your day

The Stay-puft marshmallow man

Her eggs fried themselves


There's still a long way to go

Ivory tower

He's the son of Jor-El

They get him with kyptonite

Apple dumpling gang

Decepticons fly!

ED 209 is broken

Let's go watch, "Bewitched"

Noodles mackintosh

He's back. And this time, he's bad!

Bowling for burgers

It's the Shaggy Dog

There goes William Shattner

Look! James Belushi!

Leslie Nielson reigns

He resides with the cheetahs

Dark Lord of the Sith

'O Virgin Mary

Bless'd be the fruit of thy womb

And you're really hot

Attacked by a raven

Nevermore, oh, nevermore


The IRA rules!

Shawn Miller has a birthmark

It's on his keister

The gnomes have returned

Dirty Dances With Wolves rules!

Purly Platonic

Hey, he hates these cans!

Remember - Don't trust whitey

Die random bastard!

Oh gosh, he threw up!

"He shouldn't have eaten carp"

Solomon was wise

Young and Restless

What? You ditched Napoleon

What have I become?

Good Morning, Pee Wee

Good Morning, Mister Breakfast

Why not drop my pants?

"Throw him to the sharks"

The pirates wanted him dead

Die Walter Matthau

You must choose wisely

Live or die, what'll it be?

Die, you gaspumper

"Throw me the idol"

He payed the price for that, eh?

Killed by goblins

A new Rambo film?

Nothing could be more thrilling

Except for free grapes

I read The Hobbit

A tale of elves and wizards

And living tractors

Hardy Boys casefiles

Book number forty-seven

Case of Satan's reign

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