Mistreated Children Poems

These poems might offend easily, so if you love children you'd better leave.

Here's the poems

I burnt my damn kid

I never really liked him anyways

He was lesbian

Mark this day, Mother

My bastard kid dies today

And his name was Scott

My baby is wrong

no words come out from the mouth

My baby is dead

The extra boy left

He just felt so unwanted

I think that he was

I have no penis

I am a Chinese boy. Hi!

I bit it off. Ow!!!

I love my daddy

He always takes care of me

He feeds me staples

Jimmy wants a toy

His obese mommy says no

Mommy eats Jimmy


My fantastic code number

Oh Boy! I'm a slave

Today is Boy Day

All the girls get killed today

Tomorrow: Girl Day

Halloween draws near

It is time to kill them all

Kill all the children

Dinner has arrived

Yes! What will we be having?

The heads of babies

Children are ugly

They drool and smell really bad

Death to all babies

The man has a cane

He beats the little children

He eats the children

Remember why I'm better than you:

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