Visitor's Poems

Here's the Poems!

Let's go to Grandma's!

She made us fresh lemonade

Grandpa shot himself

I have two nipples

I've got two arms and two legs

but I have no point

My friend ate my dog

I told him not to do that

Now I must eat him

I'm in Maren's room

It's a bit too hot in here

The mule will soothe me

Oh, scholeosis

embarassing, but harmless

Holy shint, I'm crook'd

Cerebral Palsy

It kills hundreds every year

Good joke, Jehovah!

They lose once again

No one knows what to do now

Better watch a game

There is time to go

When is it time to go there?

On my mark, big pain

Behold, my brother

You are not as tall as I,

and so you shall burn

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